So why is something so historically, the EU and America for quite a long time took the opposite position, largely, perhaps, preserved until our time. But while the Americans in the role of potential suitors from abroad are still in the lead, and the marriage between the U.S. citizen and example, a Ukrainian girl will surprise nobody, can understand and explain what car or someone looking for American men, coming to the countries of the former Soviet Union. What he did not please the Americans that they have to set off in search of brides among the beautiful women of Slavic origin and residence. This can be explained mainly by the fact that modern American women are all less keen to look after the family in General and about the house and the farm in particular. Paying the lion’s share of his time to a successful career, self-education and self-development, women in America no longer be suited to a quiet family life. What remains of the American man. Either he takes upon himself all the burdens for the development of life and the creation of comfort or is looking for one that will share the dream of his life priorities. It becomes clear why the Americans choose the second scenario. Making the right choice between the emancipated American woman and completely devoid of the spirit of emancipation Asian or Ukrainian girl, American eventually gets the family model aspired. Our girls, for the most part, have nothing against the fact that the main or the only income in the family will depend on her husband. Americans are given the opportunity to engage in making money, and his Asian wife — right to farm and to engage in furnishing the family nest. First, compared to our homegrown suitors Americans are quite often a more attractive option. Secondly, the standard of living in the U.S. is even higher than in the countries of the former Soviet Union. American grooms are considered more reliable and comprehensive partners. And although the average age of Americans entering marriage,»multiple»(or several times) higher than our average, girls still aspire to become wives of U.S. citizens, as men from the States were prepared for separate family life. The Foundation for a happy and peaceful family life will be impressive Bank account, own car and accommodation. Few Americans are able to achieve all this at a young age, so they decide to get married to years to forty years. Age solid, not Dating the same run, agree. And so it turns out that the number of profiles of Americans on Dating sites so rapidly and constantly growing. Remembering American series -ies of the last century, it is possible to recreate the image of a typical American family. Mother, father and two or three children. In extremely rare cases, the family stops at the first. Attitude towards children more than democratic. Love for children, often unnecessary, leads to the fact that children are growing up spoiled. But still there comes a time when children necessarily enter into an independent life. Mandatory American parents try to give children the opportunity to receive even a basic education. After school American boys and girls take their own decision go to College or go to earn. That’s what we’re unanimous with the Americans, so it is in the celebration for any occasion. Birthday, thanksgiving, Christmas, New year, All holidays are accompanied by lush feasts in a wide circle of friends and relatives. Joint celebration of holidays is one of the foundations of American culture. Than we differ from them is the fact that an American enjoys all the stages of the festival. For him the role of the festival, the preparation for it is much more important than the celebration. We’re hard at enjoying it stage or process mark the occasion. Are American men-has considerably simplified this task for Slavic girls. Quite often the initiative comes from men USA, because their interest is to find a spouse from countries of the former Soviet Union, is quite high. They have come to the website, they agree to check their personal information, they are always open for communication. The only thing men can require their chosen, so that at least a minimum knowledge of the English language. Internet Dating sites, social networking sites and marriage agencies offer a wide range of profiles of Americans claiming to be her husband. So the dream is to marry American in our time may well become a reality. Despite the vaunted democracy of America, a series of bureaucratic procedures you will pass the tower. To receive official permission to move to the us with your fiance, for registration of marriage in America, getting a green card and subsequent citizenship, you will have many suffered a great deal. The easiest way is the visa of the bride, which will be given to you for a period of days. During this time you have the opportunity not only to learn each other, spend a lot of time alone, but in the case of mutual consent to marriage in the United States. To get a visa to the marriage must provide proof that they are adults and not married with another person. Immigration has filed an application for the issuance of this document may be viewed for four months. But the wait is worth it, because with her immediately after marriage (registration must be held within days after crossing the U.S. border) can apply for a conditional green card. In that case, if you have children, and you also want to move to USA, after feeding to count on the same conditions and for their children. A positive answer to the visa of the bride will be more real in the case if the financial resources of the potential groom will be sufficient for the maintenance of the bride and her possible children. After receiving a green card, you have the opportunity of formal employment America. That’s just to get this card is quite difficult. In addition to providing a larger set of documents than the visa, you have pass a medical examination and interview. You always have the opportunity to consult on this issue in the Consulate. But just be prepared that you will have to fill a lot of forms, among which are a work permit, entry-exit, a birth certificate with a certified translation. Next, you will be required to pass a medical examination, to answer a number of questions during the interview. So at the stage of acquaintance with the American, start to remember all the information he shares with you, suddenly come in handy. To confirm the»truthfulness»of your relationship you can even ask about the details of a first date. Be ready for the most provocative issues. This procedure is performed in order to weed out scammers who want so to go to live in America. A temporary green card valid for two years. After this period, you can apply for permanent green card. As with this map you will have the opportunity of obtaining American citizenship, in addition to completing all the standard procedures and fill various questionnaires and forms, you will have to prove the fact that the joint with her husband stay. Evidence can be photos, tickets from places, receipts for joint purchases. If this is insufficient, then more information can be invited by your neighbors, acquaintances, friends. After completing all these procedures, you will receive a green card for a period of ten years with possibility of further extension. And most importantly, the right to apply for citizenship you get through — year after obtaining the permanent green card. Recently saw a program on some channel, it seems, called the fiance Visa, the visa of the groom. There are also many situations can be viewed such visas. It is particularly interesting to see what life in the US, expect foreign brides. Most often, the issues have, however, about the Filipinos. So, author, you are right: we are losing the selection. Recently saw a program on some channel, it seems that called the fiance Visa, the visa of the groom. There are also many situations can be viewed such visas. Especially the Intern. Secondly, the standard of living in the U.S. is even higher than in the countries of the former Soviet Union. We expect to catch up with them