Drag and drop the iconon the»Home»icon in the browser toolbar then click Yes in the pop-up window. regardless of this, Filipino or not, everyone is different and relationships are different, the issue sucked from the finger. Talked a lot, now renting an apartment of a Filipino family. In Canada, a lot of them — because Filipinos easily get a work visa and come to Canada as a nanny or babysitter, after two years to permanent resident status. From my personal observations — they are very hardworking. Calm and pleasant in communication. No conflict, friendly. In their families there is a tendency that the female head of the family. Worked with them often. They are gossips and liars are terrible, but in the eyes of the honey with sugar. Do not trust them with anything personal. There is a comic song Filipino-nurses and nannies, as they say, the style and spelling of the source is saved Agree with, otherwise such gossip, and it is necessary to start a conversation with them, pretend to be nice, but it is clear that you’re lying. Hate their language, they always jawin on the phone EVERYWHERE. Constantly occupy all machines in the Laundry room. Going there in droves and erase, erase and idle talk.

It’s about women. Men they are demure, kind sometimes. I live in Dubai for six years here, well, a lot of Filipinos. Working mainly in the service sector.

What can I say

Friendly, sociable, hardworking, will always help, especially his. I think Filipinos Filipina not for the Slavs, because the value of the other. For example, they are too prudent, to stick and lay earned for big goals, to study children, help for parents, the purchase of a plot of land or real estate. this is certainly commendable, but in pursuit of tomorrow Oh how much is lost today. They do not spend on cars and clothes, not eat out (except on special occasions) and do not go on holiday (vacation to relatives in the village to help her parents with work in the field or building a house), so if anyone of domesticity, will be the happy couple, and if not better by.) Filipinos-men not working at all, only work Filipina women and girls. Families with many children, poor. If the family has one cute girl, its usually the family sold abroad in a hotel somewhere in a night club, and she works all the poverty-stricken Horde. The gang lives happily ever after. Filipino girls it is a pity though that they are false — the truth. I live in the Philippines two years people terribly blunt here, these monkeys women looking for old fart Americans or Australians who they fuck as they want, and they are cheaper for clothes and rice to live with them