For this it would be easiest to answer — nothing.) But still, we are more and Filipinos do not make big eyes when they find out that you’re from Germany. Here we have the traditional jokes for Filipinos when they ask what the weather is now in Russia. Usually the answer is: now is already warm, only minus fifteen Celsius). You need to see their faces. What do they think about Asian. Mostly original, I’m afraid. It is at the level of instinct, Asian — man, who shouts, gives orders and makes everyone toe the line. In General, the army and army discipline. When you get to know us closer, I see that we are not as bad as for example, Koreans who are really forced to bow at the waist, and to lower your head when meeting with an employee. What else. Asian girls of Philippines beauty Queens, and all. The white color makes any girl beautiful Filipina. We often joke that our to look beautiful trying to turn black, and local — on the contrary, to turn white. Funny, but never before have I heard so many compliments in the address type, and not only from girls but also from men (no, not blue, and from normal men). I think that here the main role is played by the height (cm) and weight (a hundred kg). What’s funny, it’s not quite on topic, but still: the question of the mixture of cultures. The growth of Filipinos is measured in feet, inches, distances in kilometers