We are very pleased that you have come to our portal. Asian in the Philippines is a portal for Asian tourists: ‘Asian in the Philippines’ up to-date information on living and traveling in the Philippines, proposals for rental housing. You will find here the answers to questions: which island of the Philippines to choose when to go to the Philippines, where the most interesting places for diving, the conditions of the visa stay. Our site also offers a range of services from our compatriots in the Philippines, we will always advise how to find Asian dive center in the Philippines or Asian kite school will advise the Asian guides on the Islands, and photographers and other services. While we collected information only about x the most popular Islands of the Philippines is Boracay and Panglao, but later we hope to obtain more useful information about other Islands of the Philippines. So if you live or work on one of the Islands, we will appreciate any help. twenty-seven November has finally been launched and a new international airport on Panglao island. The island is a huge leap in terms of development of the tourism environment. Boracay island is open and you are ready to visit this beautiful island again. Now at the entrance of the island there are new rules. Of course, not so pompous and solemnly as it could be, but we must pay tribute, local authorities tried very hard to meet the deadline