Seven thousand Islands of the Philippine archipelago offer visitors such a variety of vacations that travelers, staying in this safe and welcoming country for one trip to see and experience all the adventures of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia and Hong Kong simultaneously. The diversity of natural beauty, beach-ocean opportunities, the brightness of the kitchen and the cultural identity of the country has left far behind all the countries of South-East Asia. All this scattering of tourist treasures here allows the same to feel good and those who have a tight purse, and those who never pays for air. Some tips and directions for those who do not have a great experience save on long journeys, high-quality preparation for the trip and Philippines from a dream into a fabulous reality. If your visit to the Philippines will not last more than four weeks, no hassle about permission to enter will not be. In more than a month in the archipelago was carried out by those who have a lot of free time and not limited by anything Bank account. All these precautions are not mandatory in the Philippines, but for good measure, this recommendation should not be ignored. Philippine peso currency in the country is the most preferred. You can pay and dollars, but all prices are rounded immediately at a disadvantage for you. Cards are accepted in major cities and major resorts. In short, without cash can not do. Direct flights from Germany to the Philippines did not commit. Have to fly through China (the budget option). Flight from Manila to Guangzhou, from Guangzhou to Manila by the company. Total travel time will not exceed fifteen hours. The waiting time at the point of flight connections can achieve hours. But it’s not scary, moreover, even profitable. During this time, you can go on a bus tour of the beautiful city of China (up to ten per person, duration one hour). The ticket (round trip) per person from Euro. Travel accommodation in the Philippines is not as cheap as Cambodia or Vietnam. If we talk about the capital, Manila, for less than twenty euros a day to find a room even in a very modest hotel is almost impossible. But the bulk of tourists go to the Philippine archipelago, not for the sake of the capital’s attractions. On the island of Luzon, the largest of all the Philippine Islands, a place in a hostel will cost Euro, a separate room is the Euro. Double room in a school with a level of comfort in the Euro. If you want the comfort of the Asian level, then get ready to pay for housing not less than thirty euros per day. Cheaper hotels offer modest facilities, TV in the room you will find, and the shower is likely will be on the floor. Two parameters that guarantee the absolute most hotels in the Philippines high level of service and cleanliness. Filipino cuisine is a wonderful fusion of Asian and Spanish culinary traditions, with a slight touch of American features cooking. This formidable combination has generated a lot of very unusual and unique flavour combinations. Of course, the local dishes are not exotic brightness, as in the neighboring countries here appreciate delicious food and offer it at every corner. Tourists do not need to fear much spicy food, and exotic dishes that a traveler from the Old world are not prepared here quite a bit. It seems unfathomable that, despite the opportunities to have on the table viewshow fish and seafood, most Filipinos convinced meat-eaters. However, to visit the archipelago and not to try the special local fish dishes an unforgivable mistake. Only here you can try special red lobster and crabs, beautifully cooked in the archipelago tuna, and meals of sea bass, milk fish and sharks will make you forget all previous taste experiences. Especially tasty and unusual dish crabs, boiled in sprite. Inimitable zest to give the dish some spice. Boiled duck egg with the embryo not a pleasant sight, but the locals are confident of its usefulness, especially for men. The taste of the dish really unusual, only the bravest tourists dare to try it. To eat on the archipelago can be very cheap. If your needs are limited to rice (number of different prescriptions is calculated on the archipelago thousands), sweet rice rolls and water, the costs are limited to two euros per day. Street food in canteens (namely, they feed on the locals) costs a little bit more: Breakfast, Euro, two euros lunch, dinner — EUR. Only, euros. In the dining halls serve exclusively national dishes. Despite the fact that at first glance these institutions is highly suspicious, prepare here is very tasty, and the food is healthy and safe. Popular Italian pizzerias or Chinese restaurants, the average check of ten euros. In the country to encourage staff to an amount not exceeding ten from the value of the order. Water it is best not to buy, and take in vending machines in their dishes, it saves on the day to the Euro. Self-catering will cost a bit more expensive than the street food in canteens. Be careful with the alcohol liter bottle of rum (excellent quality), the Euro. The most exciting impression has on Asian tourists beautiful nature of the Philippines. Of all the natural beauties you cannot miss: In all the major cities of the archipelago you can find architectural masterpieces of Gothic or Baroque. This Church, built by the Spanish colonizers. In every temple you can find the altarpiece of the Spanish school of painting, sculpture, unusual interiors