Philippines are so different, but this is best understood when, during one week you can see several Islands and places. I returned from one trip, during which we had the opportunity to see and be in places where tourists are a rare visitor, and where people are already spoiled by the fact that everything and pay for everything, even for a smile. During one week we had the opportunity to look at the path of evolution of the Filipinos, and the whole thing proved once again that after all the Philippines is a wonderful place. What I was so happy, ask. And the fact that there is a popular and convenient island for tourists and there are places where the main mass will not climb, because there’s no ATMs, no restaurants. But there is a sincerity, a free smile and if you need help, you just help. More or less all my previous stories were about places where local people do not as often need to see people who don’t have to go to the salons to make the skin lighter (if we go to the Solarium, they are in salons. Where is the skin bleach, but this is a city thing), so this time let’s talk about the island of Bohol, about which there is a lot of information. To me this island is really like, well, you decide for yourself. It is the largest of the Philippine regions with their own language. Speaking the local language. I wanted him to learn, but then partially rejected the thought of it. In part, this means specifically will not teach. What you learn, as they say, by the way, it goes without saying, but grammar will not teach, as all the same makes no sense. Remember how I learnt the first words, as it seemed to me in Filipino, and wrote a mail one Filipina who lives in another region. In my letter I put as many of those words have already learned about myself and sent to her. Together with the response letter came, and my disappointment in learning this language — she didn’t understand anything that was not written in English. Although the region is much more. The state language here is Tagalog, and the Tagalog speaking only of the Northern Philippines, is the island of Luzon and Manila. To delve into this topic I will not, because, in my opinion, even scientists are still arguing about how many languages and dialects here, but about the local languages and dialects I remembered one bylica. It tells the story of how at the crossroads of three roads met, Troy Filipinos, everyone from your Islands, which are located in the same region. He paused, thought about it and decided that the three of fun, and food together to cook more practical and more convenient. So they walked, and walked, and it’s time for one of the six meals (Filipinos eat little, but often). They opened their sacks, and how you think they decided to cook. Of course rice But everyone is different, each of their edges, and in cooking rice a lot of subtleties — so say the Filipinos. And so they began to each other to explain how best to do it. Rice, of course, not the egg, but cooking is wrong, you can mess up. So, for a long time they were arguing (don’t forget that although these languages sound similar, but the meaning of the words is different), had a falling out, lit every fire, and began to cook your rice separately. How they were surprised that the result was the same. The moral of all this is that what language we would not say the rice should be crumbly, not a ball.). The fact that the island speak differently, I confirmed again. Although sometimes I understand but most attempts to impress local residents with their knowledge of the language, failed. What Bohol is so nice that so much about him and write lots of tourists coming. I must say that there really is something to see Chocolate hills, the tarsiers, the biggest Python in the world on behalf of Proni, forest mahogany, as well as caves, rivers, paddy fields and white sand beaches. I must say that when I come to Bohol, it immediately catches the eye is the neatness and cleanliness. Not to say that the Philippines is not clean (I’m not talking about big cities), but there simply is noticed immediately. If you came here only for one day, then you can have time to go to the Chocolate hills, to stay in the forest mahogany, ride a raft on the Loboc river to see the tarsiers. Distance from the ferry port or your hotel to the hills about fifty miles, and mountainous terrain, so in any case not worth saving money to go there by bike. Filipinos, if you want, will carry you back and on the rod of a Bicycle, only this can hardly be called a one-day event. I want to tell you about this island, but since I don’t live there. and come back as a guest, every attempt to write something original, turns in the route description, so let them say photography. So different from us earth) does not cease to be amazed by chocolate hills, why and where appeared like a huge anthill. Tarsius — like a very, very small people, look and legs to bend and the fingers are five, the life of an ancient man. the males she had at least two, probably to hold in the palm of his possible ancestor, as Darwin says very strange. Generally amazing places and told interesting. Thank you. Asian club Email. The editors of the portal. Technical support