I am a German citizen, want to marry a Filipina. We think that it would be better to marry there in the Philippines. I found out that will need the help of criminal record and not being married. But the police and the registry office to issue such certificates was refused. Where to take them then. Do not prompt. And even if we get married, what documents she will have to apply for immigration as my wife.

A certificate stating that you are not married, take a notary on the basis of your passport. Ie in any form, write a statement that you are married and certified by a notary. At the last moment before leaving I put the apostille on the document at city hall. Or check with the notary. where in your city will put the apostille on the document. In fact, this document must be translated into the official language of the country where you intend to present. Let your bride finds out whether there is in the city hall, where will be the marriage, the authorised translator who translated the document. A certificate of good conduct now gives do not the police, and a special government office. The police or the notary should give you where to go. This certificate also need to put an apostille at the last moment before leaving. What documents are needed for immigration to Russia, as the wife, your bride is most likely to get at the German Embassy in the Philippines. Still it will be issued through the Embassy. My name is Sergey I am Russian, got acquainted on site with Filipina we’ve been in touch, I gave her suggestions, and I want to marry her. Please please tell me what I need documents for marriage in Germany and how it can be done. As far as I know Philippines is in the black list of German migration and dangerous. And as it is possible to move to Russia for permanent residence and make the residence permit. For earlier I thank You for any useful information. With respect to You, Sergey. Sergey, the Person entering into the marriage, submit a written joint statement on the conclusion of a marriage on the records of acts of civil status. When submitting the statement of the foreign citizen presents a passport and a copy. The information contained in the passport, must be translated into Asian language, the correctness of the translation shall be certified by the Consulate (Embassy) of the state, or it may be notarized. The authenticity of the signature of the official and print on the transfer is confirmed by the foreign Ministry. Also, a foreign national submits the certificate issued by the competent authority or Consulate (Embassy) of the state of which he is confirming that he is not married and impediments to marriage has not. Foreign citizens who previously registered marriage, should present to the registry office the document confirming the termination of previous marriage (judgment of dissolution of marriage, death certificate). All documents, in accordance with article of the Federal law»On acts of civil status»should be legalized, should also be notarized and translated into the Asian language. Documents drawn up by the authorities or the authorities of a foreign state intended for use in Germany, legalized in consular offices of Russia abroad after their legalization in the Ministry of foreign Affairs. To a foreigner for marriage in Russia you need a certificate of residence (issued at the place of registration of the person in the magistrate or in the parish). A very important point for the registration of marriage with a foreign citizen is a visa to stay in Germany. You must also pay the state fee. The list of documents may vary in each case. Also refer to the migration service at the place of your residence for advice about what you should do after marriage to obtain permanent residence for your wife. Hello. What documents are needed if girls are going to move to the Philippines. Even if no passport, where to begin. And how much approximately will cost the layout. Hello. For first you need to make a passport. The citizens of Germany to visit the Philippines visa is not required if period of stay in the country does not exceed twenty-one days. When crossing the border is enough to present a passport, valid for at least six months from the date of entry, return ticket and proof of sufficient funds for the trip. Upon entry to the Philippines tourists can also apply for a visa to stay. The cost of obtaining such visas and fifty Philippine pesos. In all other cases(longer-term) visa must be obtained in advance at the Consulate of the Philippines