How to emigrate to the Philippines, what are the methods for legalization of status, how to obtain special status. All the nuances of registration of the resident status of exotic countries you will learn in detail from this material. Necessarily included in the investment program. You should pay attention to the fact that no less than sixty of the share capital of the company should belong to the citizen of the Philippines, the employment contract Can I find a job in international corporations, training centres or travel company. Company must have permission for attraction of foreign labor power according to the allocated quota and to prove the absence of applicants for the position of the local population relevant qualifications Student visa resident Hearing educational course, which are popular with foreigners. It is possible to study for two or four weeks, the cost ranges from thousands to dollars. The results are given international certificates. It also allowed foreigners to obtain higher education in universities in Bali. Dear readers. The article talks about the standard methods of solving legal issues, but each case is individual. If you want to learn how to solve Your problem — contact the consultant: Acquisition of real estate in the Philippines does not entitle you to citizenship or a residence permit. This may be viewed as a plus when getting the permit, but not the base. In addition, one hundred shares of housing a foreigner can not possess. He is sure should be in possession of half or other fraction of a citizen of the Philippines. Alternatively, it is possible to consider buying with your spouse or rentals of real estate for permanent residence. To obtain a residence permit or citizenship in the state Agency in the Philippines responsible for migration issues passed: All papers are certified and officially translated into English. The translation is carried out by any accredited translator in Russia or in the German Consulate in any country of temporary or permanent residence. In practice, there are cases where citizenship was granted in a simplified procedure after living for years. Decisions in such situations are accepted by the administration of the President of the Philippines individually. Loss of citizenship is possible both voluntarily and forcibly in connection with transitions of the citizenship of another country or a crime of a public character. Making dual citizenship possible only for the indigenous population of the Philippines and is not permitted for foreign nationals. Even at the birth of the child abroad from the Philippines and conferring citizenship on the ground of origin, it is possible to return to the parent roots with the passage of the special procedures. In the absence of any document filed with the application, the immigration officer explained that it is necessary to manufacture and provide in time — weeks. Only after that the decision on the permit of residence or citizenship. The simplest way of obtaining a residence permit and citizenship is marriage to a Filipino. The investment is associated with a number of financial risks, as the division of property in shares to local citizens. In addition, foreigners are not protected from the loss of property after the termination of family relations with the local citizens