Philippines is amazing country, which attracts with its charm and natural beaches, paradisiacal vegetation, lots of sights and activities for every taste. But the real pride is a Filipino girl, exotic beauty which you can enjoy without getting tired. Girls of this country endowed with such a natural and delightful appearance, nature has given them that they don’t need the additional»bells and whistles». Filipina almost do not use cosmetics, and wear them simple (most often it is t-shirt and shorts). Dark by nature, they are not looking for a tan. You won’t see on the beach Filipino girl Smoking like her cigarette. To swim in the sea, they rarely go, and if they appear on the shore, at sunset. When Filipina learn from Asian women, the latter tend to get a tan and visit for this purpose, the Solarium, the surprise is difficult to describe. In the pursuit of»aristocratic pallor»of ostrovityanka do yourself a masks of lime and papaya, and their driving performance cosmetics for the body contains whitening ingredients. Like most Asian girls, Filipino women and girls have a small increase. Delicate and fragile figure of their pride. Slender legs of Filipinos disarm men. The facial features are so good that I can look at them tourists from all over the world: Asian eyes, small nose and neat, tar-black shiny hair, gorgeous smile and white teeth. A feature of the exterior is a good mixture of races. Considering the Philippine beauties, you’ll see girls who absolute burning similar to Spanish. You will meet and such, which are difficult to distinguish from Chinese, and can see and the passionate»African». If you want to plunge into this maelstrom of perfect beauty, then visit the Philippines in may, when there are colorful and fun festivals. This unforgettable show, which you can see at the same time thousands of beautiful women in bright national costumes. Many Europeans dream to have a Filipina wife. Interestingly, girls are also not averse to marrying a white foreigner and they are not afraid of financial problems of the bridegroom or his age. In the Philippines, many couples with young beauty you see an elderly European. Docile and non-confrontational Filipina real treasure for the family. Many of the girls do not have a complete education, and this allows them to beat his man at any issues, and especially to argue. Such a woman will be a perfect wife to admire her husband and to obey him unquestioningly. Now about the pleasant. Filipino a woman always ready to love. She won’t tell»tales»that she’s got a headache, and baby snot. No. Filipina are always all right, and she craves passion. Her nothing prevents: pregnancy, disease, or lack of mood. Asian beauties, becoming wives, strongly opposed the divorce and try to avoid it by all means. The desire to keep the family together, they are afraid of the shame and gossip. In fear of being»useless», the Filipino will fight for your marriage. What caused such anxiety, you ask. The fact that national traditions are very strong in the Philippines, a girl has to walk down the aisle intact. And after the divorce of her virginity can not count. What do the Filipino»divorcee»or the beauty that is lost virginity and marriage have not out. Only one to go to another city to seek his fortune among tourists. Asian men know how to»close their eyes»to such naughty things, and cute Filipina there is a chance. And, believe me, her choice will be in order, because in this country there is an opinion that the man should be in a woman’s life the most important. Looking into the eyes of her husband, a helpful Filipino wife will be obedient to love it and to keep the family home with trepidation. I agree that the Filipino wife is a real treasure. This beauty will never go»left», not»stealing»her husband in search of money or check a text on his phone. It is hard to imagine with a rolling pin in hand, waiting on the doorstep of the faithful who lingered at corporate. But still, think about it, going over it»treasure»in the Philippines. Remember the popular saying:»Asian wives are the best in the world.»What lose black beauty our Natasha and Dash. If you’re going to travel in those places, then pay attention to couples where the Filipina husband European. You will be surprised, but their faces will not Shine with happiness. And you know why. Asian wife very loving, but the love they want, and give not very much. Yes, the first time a hot girl would love her husband, when and where you want, but eventually the passion subsided. And do not say about Asian wife who are always ready to do something to refresh and shake relationships. If you conduct monitoring and view the results of the largest beauty pageants, the most beautiful girls of the planet is a resident of the Philippines. They own the crowns of Miss universe, Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss international. American singer, actress and model. Nicole flows and the Asian blood in his veins: father is Filipino and her mother is Asian and Hawaiian roots. Now, many will be surprised. This beautiful girl is a famous TV presenter and model, as well as the first wife of Julio Iglesias. Isabelle the mother of Enrique and Julio Iglesias Jr. it is not the wife, but almost the housekeeper, who had nothing to reproach. Nor are they beautiful. Tin. Girls in the Philippines, moreover, that lovely and slim (at any age.) so is also the concept of a wife they have not so miserable as many of our women. Who knows a good Filipina Dating site.) Reply Helena: Filipina also cook a borsch and Olivier do, if they show. And it turns out even better, because it is made with more love. Nonsense, nonsense and more nonsense. I live in the Philippines for two years, at first thought they do a good wife and mistress, but after six months with the Filipina realized that no. Yes, children and their partners they love, but they also love money. Standing in front of the nose of coin to spend, she will run away. They all cheat, for them sex is like brushing my teeth. Husbands know that wives change and silent. After all, marriage is sacred. Beautiful little, almost none. All the paint myself, paint without makeup look like girls for ten years. Hi all, I too through the Internet got acquainted with a Filipino girl, chatting online, and she fell in love with me and I do too, very simple sweet girl, that even the distance feels jealous only here, if you see me online and not received a message, immediately writes it with anyone I meet, although I have no one to talk to, just online smartphone is, it just then says we don’t want someone to share me. Now, in the month of may I’m flying to the Philippines to her, she also wants a family, and as you can see, she is very serious when on the web camera talking. She appreciates family. I really like All fans of the Asian and Russian women, I would say that magicofaloe inherent in these women, not attract men. Man and woman are beings of the opposite. Naturally, a man attracted to femininity, which he is ready to forgive all. After all, femininity for women is more important than beauty. Once my friend married an Asian woman and introduced me to his wife. My first impression was this — that it is better not found. Subsequently, knowing her closer, I was struck by her naturalness and femininity. And after a while I thought she was the most beautiful woman. The attempt to dominate in the family is a sign of masculine traits. It repels men. I have already met a Filipina. First she said that she was sick, no money, etc. Wanted to see what she has to say. The response exceeded all my expectations. She said starting to raise money to come to me. I was amazed. He apologized and told the truth. She was not offended. Said he was waiting for me. And magicofaloe in women I believe a symptom of their degradation