Hi, today I’ll talk a little about what is a sex tour and what it eats. Having lived in Asia for almost two years, I can confidently say that I spent three sex tour in the Philippines (Manila, Angeles) and two in Thailand (Phuket, Pattaya) and I can say for sure that all the settings are the Philippines win. On the financial side. a thousand pesos (about a thousand rubles) you enough to have a good walk in the club. five hundred pesos for the eyes to sit in the evening in the bar with a girl and drink until the morning. And this is no joke, it is reality. Can you imagine that in Thailand. Personally, I do not. Filipino girls are much more attractive than Thai. They are well able to speak English, easy going and most importantly, not always greedy for money. And knowing that you morning she will give thousands of local bonus, you will be sincerely grateful for anything you can not refuse. Thai girls are very greedy for money that much lubricates impression. Personally I have so. in March, the most favourable conditions for visiting the country. Fruit, lack of rain and a sea of women. By the way, about women, I will not lie if I write that often, they are doing everything to to meet you. Angeles — completely safe city, where people live nightlife. By the way, here we spend most of our time in, which is not inferior to Pattaya, for those who want to see beautiful nature, to enjoy the white sand and blue ocean. All of this is, of course, the Philippines, and not only in our sex-tour where we’re going exclusively for women. First of all, completely uninhibited men who know how to get pleasure not only from sex and more from life in General. Perhaps this is the only requirement to Stay in a huge house, which given the girls will love it and will be ready give free of charge just so you can stay here. By the way, it works the Site uses and similar technologies to easily and efficiently display information. By using our services you agree to their use