Here are conflicting opinions and observations made by different Europeans interested in the Filipino women in a serious sense: a Real Filipina is a volcano. For those who have not climbed, a short explanation. It is always wet, most of the time asleep but if you Wake up — it gets really hot. From time to time, there are eruptions with serious consequences. Life with a Filipina could not be measured. Either you will be absolutely happy, or your life will turn into a genuine nightmare. Filipina are always ready to love. An important accent is ready to be loved and to enjoy as the fact that she is loved. Filipina know exactly what you like and what they don’t like quickly learn how to enjoy life and what things events actions bring them happiness. While most Asian women experience depression at any stage of life, Filipina know how to enjoy any situation — being pregnant or sick, Filipina with the same joy will smile and accept the tokens. A lot of kids — not an obstacle. Filipina is still a woman, and she had even. If in Asian countries men are faced with a cold heart, hiding the soul and body unattainable, in the Philippines the opposite is true: God’s creation is fine, so the Filipina is beautiful and all the time waiting for confirmation of this idea, in which not a moment’s doubt. Compared to Asian women, Filipina sleeping a lot. In addition to deep sleep, Filipina quite lazy and don’t always love to cook. Especially something new. As soon as the Filipina woke up, she’s ready for anything — to talk, to food and to sex. Just a few seconds and you can start. Try to find a few European-Filipino, lived for several years on their faces shines with happiness and contentment. Failed. this is not surprising. Filipina love to be loved, love to get attention, but not a lot of love to give. If the first stage relationship Filipina is ready to love, always and everywhere (that stupefy head inexperienced Europeans), the later stages of life the enthusiasm of the islanders plummets. Asian woman, loving and being loved, always something will come up, refresh the relationship, will bring fresh impetus. Filipina enjoys just getting. Creativity and performance is not to the Filipino. Simple household chores, simple meal — please. But any creativity in the family sphere is given by the Filipina is very difficult. The Philippines is struggling to avoid divorce. Whatever happens, the Filipino will try to keep the family together. After all, divorce is a shame, it’s the gossip of neighbors and relatives. It a certain stigma. Who is it then becomes needed. In the Philippines, the Catholic tradition is very strong. It is believed that a woman should walk down the aisle a virgin. If not, nobody will take that shame for life. In life anything can can happen and what to do Filipina who has lost her virginity, but not married. To come to the big city, where nobody knows and start a new life. Preferably a foreigner who will tolerant attitude to the fact that she was not a girl. In the Philippines there is a strange understanding that the first man in a woman’s life became her most important, most significant and the woman gives him her heart for a lifetime. Appearance — one of the main factors on which stick men. What is special in the exterior of Filipinos. The blending of bloods, races and nationalities. You can find the Filipina that is virtually indistinguishable in appearance from the Spaniard. And can and Chinese women. And even Africans. Hawaiian women are among some of the sexiest on the planet, often be half-blood Filipinos