Many girls would like to get acquainted with the exotic citizens of the Philippines, because these men are not only beautiful in appearance, but the nature of them is also excellent. And all through the country. In the Philippines, positive energy, people who live here are kind and joyful. Tourists local citizens are greeted with a smile. The men of this state win the hearts of Asian beauties not only attractiveness and charm, but also their manners, communication and heart. Here you can find a man who will be around to please you. Usually the local guys are married for life, divorce is rarely here. Filipino men keep their family from negative conversations and people. If someone speaks ill of his wife, he immediately stops with the person friendship and any communication. Local men are very reliable and motivated. Why Asian girl with a guy will feel loved and protected. Despite the progress, the local family is very well preserved their ancient rites. To family ties here very seriously. In this country great importance is the spiritual unity of all families (relatives). Only in their environment the local people feel safe. Family protects from troubles and misfortunes, therefore, the bounden duty is to help the family. All the people in this country are trying to perform a ritual. Note that in the Philippines, such assistance has no boundaries. Every family member enjoys this situation: the older brother pays for education Junior, feeds them, clothes to the moment until they can lead an independent lifestyle, the younger brother, when I grow up, is bound to maintain nephews. This happens from generation to generation. As local citizens seeking to increase the number of defenders, they can be several times to choose the cross (on the occasion of marriage, house construction, illness, etc.). Complicated and incomprehensible relationship godchildren and godparents. As a rule, in this country choose godparents of the people who have influence in society, so they will really helped godson. By the way, pick up people from different social groups that occupy different positions, because you never know what will come in handy. Godparents are family members of the ward. They should to help his godfather child in every way possible. Godparents mom and dad can also count on the support of the ward and his family. In this country, blood and spiritual ties are of great importance. This fact is a lot of evidence. When you imagine someone necessarily indicative of a relative occupying important positions in order to understand the source, someone in front of him. The citizens of this country are accustomed to help each other (mutually). It is a ritual in the country. At the request of any person his friend comes to the rescue. The guy who asked for help, be sure to put up a treat. During these meals have the opportunity to young people to look at these girls. At these events, often forge new relationships. Philippine girls are caring long enough. Everything in this business happens for a strictly specified form, which in any case can not be denied. It is a ritual that should go to the young people before you decide to enter into legal marriage. For example, a man has no right to come to the girl’s house until I get three invitations. Then, going into the house, he can’t sit down until it is about three times it won’t. After the parents of a boy and a girl agreed to the engagement, the bride prepares the dowry, then the marriage ceremony according to the rules and norms of the Filipinos. Usually before the wedding, the groom is working in the house of the future spouse. This is to ensure that parents shopped for him, appreciated him as an employee, can he be a good husband for his daughter. Some people with impure intentions abusing this custom, especially if poor groom and bride of a wealthy family. Often after the man completed the period, he said, that he’s not their daughter, so the young person has to leave their home. While the man working for the good future of the family, he is not allowed to speak with relatives of his bride, if they do not ask, should to do all the work. If after three months of work, the guy gave the parents of the young, it can be assumed that the marriage took place. Young can live in the marital home. If the parents were able to secure their new home, they are located there and lead an independent life. Of course, nowadays, young couples tend to live separately from their parents, so they are less spread the influence of the older generation