Tourist in the Philippines where there is fun in the dark, and night life in the country is characterized by extreme diversity includes open dance floor and chic clubs, Striptease and disco bars, intimate cafes, and numerous casinos. Centers of nightlife in the Philippines several. One of them is the country’s capital — Manila. The night life of the capital can be called the main Boulevard, known for its great clubs. It should be noted that not all night clubs of Manila is designed for young people who prefer loud music and noisy parties. In some you can spend a wonderful family night, enjoy the peaceful setting and the performance of the local groups (Filipinos are very musical). Lonely or just bored visitors can count on a society of the so-called»mistress»is an attractive girl for a nominal fee (pesos — about twelve rubles — for the first and ten pesos for each additional hour, plus refreshments) can not only chat but also to dance. What will end this evening, the club’s owner no longer a concern. A city rife with illegal brothels. Many restaurants and even hotels offer clients services of streetwalkers and hot spots are literally teeming with prostitutes and pimps. You should know that many girls are forced into prostitution against their will. This is especially true provincials — believing the promises of the recruiter, they fall into a brothel. Does not stop with nightfall, and life on the popular island resort of Cebu. Music, party, Striptease (and not only for men but also for women) — sea of possibilities to spend fun an unforgettable night. Still, the main party place of the country is the resort of Boracay island. Countless coastal restaurants and beach discos of the island create a special, relaxing night of adventure atmosphere. Interestingly, in every restaurant music of a certain style, it can be hard rock or disco, world music or techno. In addition to the music restaurants Boracay is famous for its amazing fire show, local magicians surprisingly skilled curiously, among them a lot of transvestites. Magicians, artists, beggars, and travelers from around the world — a stream of people is a extremely exotic spectacle. In some places you can fight in the pool with a beautiful Filipino girl, and at successful coincidence of circumstances and get to know her better. The official night life stopped here around midnight, smoothly flowing into the closed bars and clubs. One of the best clubs not only in the capital but the whole country is considered. This club has a stylish design and relaxed atmosphere. To dance in the main room of the house under the soft music and the newly extended wing of the club music of all styles. Serves great cocktails that are sure to help you relax. A three-storey night club, visitors are delighted by professional DJs, great dance floors and laser lighting, which gives the surrounding space a whimsical feel. Every floor has its own music. Five bars, so the choice of cocktails is very rich, but a real gem is considered a liqueur with sweets. For those who are looking for new Dating club. Pleasant atmosphere, watermelon Martini and a beautiful stranger (or strangers), invites you to dance — that’s what. In. Here you can not only have a good time, but also to communicate with by Buddha himself (especially after the second or third cocktail), or rather, with a statue of Buddha, no wonder this place is called»the temple». A Paradise for youth is the club with the telling name. The club visitors move from floor to floor, and from the Windows of the place offers beautiful views of the illuminated night lights of the street. Unfortunately, to get to the third and most interesting floor of the club can only»their». But the speciality and is located to the Dating young Asians will not let you get bored. Great place for a more relaxing pub. And players a direct path to a luxurious casino I. not to mention Manila bars with their rich evening programs and live music. Not far behind Manila and the island resort of Cebu. The majority of visitors — men who are attracted not so much beer and music, how charming barmaids and a stunning female show. Working all night long club attracts customers low prices, excellent disco and various games with the girls and cash prize to the winner. Opened on the island and strip bars (or for men or for members of the fairer sex). About the nightlife in the resort of Boracay island is in some detail discussed above. One of the best Nightclubs that the resort is located on the seafront, where visitors SIP cocktails, hear ethnic music, seated on a straw mattress. Open until two in the morning offers everyone to make fifteen shots, in other words, drink fifteen servings of alcohol. The best (i.e. not lapsed into unconsciousness)»arrows»will be given commemorative t-shirts, and the names of the characters imprinted on the wall of fame. Those who do not want to risk, you can treat yourself to delicious pizza, to dance on the dance floor or enjoy the strip. Unobtrusive dance music and easy going on contact Filipino girls are waiting for you in and exotic personalities and representatives of the local Bohemia — V. In Manila, compared with other Philippine cities, the relatively high level of crime. Scammers and pickpockets prefer singles, so to meet the night city safer in the company. Illegal institutions are best avoided. Of course, prices are more affordable, but the risk of getting into unpleasant situation are very high. For example,»suddenly»it turns out that the girl with whom he decided to pass the time, not yet eighteen years old. Prostitution in the Philippines, in principle, outside the law, but carnal pleasures with a minor are punished particularly harshly than successfully used by Blackmailers. In addition, a girlfriend for one night could easily be a drag Queen or a professional thief — after the portions of sleeping pills slipped into an exotic cocktail, the client runs the risk of waking up without money, documents and even clothes. Documents and mobile phone return for a ransom, and in case of failure can use the list of contacts for dirt — oddly enough, verbal reserve in the Philippines cheaters this is sufficient. In conflict with any of the local it is advisable not to use force: the inevitable complaint to the police, and the police will side with the»victim». In General, the nightlife in the Philippines no less exciting and diverse than in Thailand or Vietnam