Your reasoning does not convince the companions from Germany, there are statistics — divorces in Germany at the initiative of women. Of the remaining twenty percent, half of the cases, when a man adjusted to the fact that he filed for divorce. And the reasons for divorce can be many, not only financial trouble. Pay no attention to divorced women with trailers. And do not comment the poor. I don’t understand why we need all this hemorrhoids, live free, some idiot will do anything to wag your nerves, unfortunately I realized this too late. Already a month texting with a girl from the Philippines, Yes it doesn’t compare with ours). Waiting for the video. More videos with local girls to represent the look is not the one. I saw in the pictures dark-haired beauty with flowing hair interested in the average as look for a local girl. judging from the video everything is so tasty so sweet. I live in St. Petersburg and, unfortunately, we also have a delicious (but outside only) and here’s how to start communication with the opposite sex the better, the more requirements not lifting for mere mortals. want to relax with a girl not only the body but the soul. Good afternoon. My name is Alex. I’m a sailor, I am forty two and for the last eighteen years at sea, visited almost everywhere but in Asia feel comfortable. Philippines love at first sight, a breath. Been there many times and in different cities and always wanted to live there. Therefore, delayed marriage, and wanted to move there myself. Personal relationships it’s all individual. I have a question for You that worries me at the moment, most of all because I’m moving to Cebu soon. First, I will renew the visa and rent a home. Only interested in bungalows(in our hut) near the ocean. So, since You are already there for a long time and are familiar with local news, is it safe to be alone in your home, leave your home unattended. It is clear that the white in the Philippines for many locals it is a source of money. If there is frequent case of robbery, robbery, theft. I have about a lot of information both positive and negative, but I would like to hear Your opinion. Thank you. Have a good day. The author. Making the marriage official. ie putting a bruise in the passport, you automatically give the wife legal rights to all. in the case of divorce are at risk. Isn’t. Good time of day. There are tattoo artist that are in big cities tattoo parlors and how do Filipinos feel about tattoos. Just can’t stay in Germany, I want to dump. the men here. Years forty-five and then they can not be interested of the same age. in fact the opposite is true in fifteen years. Girls don’t perceive peers, and that is to young money. peers do not roll, so many leaving Thailand, etc. there will be competitors without a lot of money. I’ve been to Phuket. full uncle fifty with young monkeys. Because I want you to I’m forty-five years, Thanks Alex. I looked and listened with interest But I always thought that you were once married, that you already adult children(as in fifty) and you come to FILA to live, as they say, happily. Whatever health and success to you. Alex. I think many people wonder how to relate to Asian Filipina. What do they know about Germany. As elsewhere in the world.) I recently proposed one that will move and take her bear Potapova. She earnestly asked me how my bear’s name is and how I lucky). Please. Enlighten. They think about Germany, like many. Balalaika, garmon, vodka, bear, booze.) Hello what is the average cost to rent a flat or house and how much money for the first time at the bare minimum a Wise and balanced approach and evaluation of the feminine essence, psychology, national mentality. It is, of course, different, our Asian women and Filipino. I also get accustomed to the Filipino. It was the experience of Internet communication with a secret, but somehow not affected. Thank you, Alexey, that share your experience. I’ll be happy to watch your next video. How we can contact you. How you can travel and not spend any money. You can just watch how others do it and record it. Also these videos are very well suited in order to decide in which country on which continent would You like to go or fly, and of course to decide in advance where to go, what to visit etc. The most beautiful thing this kind of clips shoot on a great camera and the viewer becomes not only interesting, but also pleasing to the eye. 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