With thirteen years of girls start to meet and get to know the boys, and some even earlier. Although at this age it is impossible to appreciate all the nuances of adult life, but the guys are already starting to fall in love and affection. Teenage guys are not so open and ready for a relationship as girls. To walk and hold hands, to invite on a date it is on the second plan. But the primary activities are sports, games and other activities. It is necessary to know and understand those girls who are wondering about how to get acquainted with the boy. In our time the most relevant place for Dating are social network. Not those Dating sites that are designed for older people, namely networks where just talking and chatting with friends. You can find those boys who live in the same town with you, apply for friendship and to get acquainted by correspondence. Only it is necessary to designate age limits, for example: meet with a boy of thirteen years. Otherwise you run the risk of running into trouble. A great place to explore is the school. Although the school has not been canceled and we need to focus on it, there are changes and vacation. Probably at school there are boys your own age or those older. They can meet without any problems because you know their habits and preferences. Ads in Newspapers like this: meet with a boy fourteen years old, to give is not worth it. Nowadays, it is unsafe, how do you know exactly who will respond to your ad. Meet can be in sections or circles, for example, using the basketball or somewhere else in another place, suitable for both boys and girls. For example, it could be dancing or swimming. Doing the same thing, you can not just improve your health, but also to get acquainted with the boys who are interested in something useful. Such Dating is very simple, because you already have common interests. If you have decided to approach the boy you like and get to know him, you must know how to behave. No need to look too flashy and vulgar, using profanity, or dressed in a mini skirt. To behave naturally, not trying to impersonate a person you are not. Anyway, a guy finds out your character and true self when you communicate for some time. To be yourself is the main rule. If he doesn’t perceive you to be what you are, he just doesn’t fit you, and in this case, do not waste your time on him, there are other boys, certainly among them there is the one who will love you for who you are. You should not act extremely unleashed. The guy likes the girl who does not disclose his I totally. If the boy you liked, and it can also be an extra imposition it would alienate even more. Do not insist, do not impose. This is the second most important rule. I want to meet a boy, no matter what. Thinking about it, you will never have a good experience with a boy. Guys people are fearful that the pressure will not take them. How to behave correctly when meeting with the boy. Be friendly, smile, be unobtrusive initiative. There is nothing wrong with that if you first ask: what is your name. Importantly, you do not look persistent and assertive. If a boy answers you while smiling, then all is well, you can continue the conversation. If he is uncommunicative, frowns and snarls, and then laughs at you, leave attempts to meet and just go away. To make conversation easy. It is not necessary to speak in the forehead on that guy you like that you want to walk with him. Common phrases about how the case’s name, as the mood is classic, but not outdated vulgarity. Be sure to ask what kind of guy. Perhaps you have a lot in common, such as movies, music, Hobbies. You might play the same computer games, ride bicycles. It’s a great excuse to make conversation, to share information. And if you offer to ride along on skates or roller skates, or something similar (looking at the situation), it will prolong the acquaintance, will help build relationships