The Director was the station»Kohli», the producer -«Adyta Chopra». Rani of Mockery and Safi Ali Khan to play the two main characters Rhea and Karan. Hum TUM (translated: you and you or just you me) is based on Harry and Sally and follows the encounters of the two main characters, who after several years and many meetings, friends and finally fall in love with each other. Karan’s»ham»and»TUM»cartoon characters have their own cartoons in the film, in which the current state of Affairs depicts Karan and Rhea’s relationship. Karan Kapoor is an aspiring cartoonist traveling around the United States. Ham and TUM are his cartoon characters. When asked about the fair, he remembered that Rhea had returned. On the plane to the United States, he sits next to Rea Prakash. Out of boredom, RIA talks and offers to stay in Amsterdam, a city that we should see together. They argue about every aspect of life, and when Karan kisses RIA, a war breaks out between them to go to the United States, eventually to Separate streets. Rhea can’t stand Karan and destroys his relationship when his girlfriend meets with him. They say that he is evil, that he is evil and that he kissed you, and that while Karan brought a relationship with a girl. They meet randomly several times during the year. Karan’s mother is a wedding planner in India. Meanwhile, it is Karan who returns from new York and helps his mother. By the way, he draws ham TUM cartoon characters for the newspaper, very well. Karan’s mother is planning RIA’s wedding, and there they meet Karan and RIA again.

During the planning of the wedding, Karan shows his best and most tolerant side. After the wedding and leaving, Rey introduces Karan, who is in love with Rey but still inside me. In Paris, they meet again for business, on the train. Karan is currently writing a book»Full and TUM». He is looking for inspiration in the city of love. Rea has completed his studies and it has an open designer store. Karan and Rea entertain, and Rea shares with us Karan who died in a traffic accident.

Rhea is still crying

Karan applauds and helps her, but Rhea leaves without him.

They know where to go

Finally, a meeting in India, by chance. Karan had tried to set RIA up with his best friend because he wasn’t worthy of Her. Rhea is disgusted because you haven’t been at peace since she became a widow. Karan and Rea fight and he runs away. Karan’s friend Karan tells Rhea that Karan loves him, and few are lucky enough to have found the great love twice. She looks for him and finds him drunk. They spend the night together (this scene was cut in the Indian version) and as Karan suspects that he has lost RIA forever in this way, he leaves RIA. After it gets its error and tries to find a solution in the air. Karan is writing his book about the ridge and the tuma, but it is really the story of him and Rhea. It returns after it has read it their book. After he confesses to her that he loves to marry two wars and a daughter. The song»Yara»was recorded, but not in the film. Instead, it’s with the same tune with altered lyrics in a Fania movie called Chand, which has just been recorded and shown