How many countries in South East Asia, Philippines has the reputation of a country, attractive for sex tourists. Of course, this is not this Mecca of debauchery as Thai, but the numbers are impressive: in the local industry, the sex industry employs eight hundred thousand men, women and sadly, children. And this despite the fact that prostitution is not legalized. The provision of services of an intimate nature can always be called in other words: in clubs and bars working professionals on communication with guests. If the specialist is a female, communication often gets continued in the form of an unplanned pregnancy. In the country the younger generation of kids who never saw their dad vacationers. The reputation of the Philippines as an erotic travel destinations was the result of the American military presence in the country during and after world war II. That’s when there were many bars near military bases. Then and now sex services were served under the sauce of the entertainment industry. Prostitution in the Philippines illegal. However, according to the Coalition against women traffic annually, the most famous sex spot country arrive more than fifteen thousand men from Australia. Here you can meet the people of South Korea, Taiwan, China, USA and Europeans. A bar in the red light district where it all began: the school was built for the soldiers of the American military base. -year-old Kimberly, and six-year-old Seth at his hut, in which live sixteen people. The boy’s father is American, which is neither hearing nor the spirit. The father of a three year old Tristan, the Aussie living in the USA, and his -year-old mom Jennifer local. They met in a bar. Now, however, Jennifer opened the Internet cafe. Jennifer, Tristan, his sister Fiona and their cousin looking at on the tablet the photo and father Tristan. Jennifer found a picture in social networks. In fairness it should be noted that not all romantically minded men come to the Philippines with frivolous intentions. Someone here looking for a friend life. Filipino wives are considered to be among English-speaking grooms very quality: nice, friendly, educated and, importantly, speak excellent English and adhere to the Christian religion. So if Oriental beauty goes hand in hand with an elderly European, do not just think about it the bad: perhaps this is another post bride. A guide for those who can not live without innovation even in vacation or on a business trip. Looking for a new experience. Next time stay in one Cheap not always means bad. In these hostels, you can visit the Breweries, museums, doing yoga and just relax, enjoying International conventions prohibit the death penalty for persons under eighteen years of age