Most of them are sold abroad

Other farms are very small, farmers, just to survive their work. A lot of fish is caught in rivers and especially in the sea. India is a country where a lot of spices come from. Many Indians themselves, but without money. Most of them eat little or no meat: on the one hand, because it is dear to you, and on the other, because your faith forbids it.

The Hindu does not eat cows

However, there are many cattle and water buffaloes in India: they give milk and work as draft animals. Just as grains are mostly grown and eaten in Europe, it may seem that there is rice in India. In India, there are also valuable raw materials in the background, such as like oil, coal, and metals. Yes, there are a lot of machines now that produce steel. Many of our head in Europe, work in the Indian textile factories. Also computer software is more in India. Klitikon is similar to an Indian girl for children and students. The most important things were simply explained by photos and vouchers for school events