You can call it a new stage of sustainable development or just a delicious alternative to plastic Cutlery: the Founder of Bakays company, Narayanan, invented existing natural materials, edible tablespoons that are used, and then eat yourself, can be an environmentally friendly and nutritious, type of food for consumption. Since then, he has managed to sell millions of spoons every year in India. They are made from rice flour, wheat and sorghum, millet, in eight sweet and savory flavors: sugar, ginger and cinnamon, ginger, garlic, celery, black pepper, cumin, mint, ginger and carrot beet. In April on Kickstarter, the company Bakays the beginning of the campaign crowdfunding to provide the funds needed to drive a tablespoon ride and revolutionize the world of Cutlery on motorcycles. Their goal is to provide edible magic wands, spoons of sweets, forks, glasses, dishes and many other traditional and disposable tableware.

From dollars that sometimes have more than the original. From the dollar goal to helping Bakay, disposable tableware replacement is currently on the market. One Buckeye is a minute spoonful of immortalization in a hot liquid and can be stored for two to three years. If it doesn’t want to eat, you can just throw it away, it decomposes within five days. You have to imagine that in just a FEW COUNTRIES, billions of reusable plastic Cutlery are thrown away every year, and this is quite obvious.

The dismantling of plastic waste can take years

Plastic contains chemicals in food or beverages and causes cancer.

Shove this thing up these idiots Asses

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