Comment: the Site is a disgrace. I complained about almost all the purchases, because women, of course, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, send one standard response, and then no longer respond. Of course, the Agency is behind the answers. The rest was also on SDV.

They should also be victims, here’s a tip for you. The Agency likes it when the return of addresses is refused, but not as a right. Hence, only once the ignition lawyer. The odds for men are quite high because of the excess of women. But it should be noted restrictively that often linguistic, can come as a condition, women constantly come from Eastern Europe. The site is very poorly programmed and even has minor flaws here and there. Also, in terms of design and usability, compromises must be made. However, this is an open forum for exchanging experience. Indiana Love»is intended for German-speaking men and women from Eastern Europe who want to know. And Vice versa, for women the opportunity, in Russian and English, after the German-language contacts of men. if I allow this Indian name of love just to read, I get the aggression. This company is part of a burned-out planet. I’m just wondering how such a questionable the company, as long as it is on the market. C’