Dirt, noise, chaos, poverty, sharp smells and cobwebs of wires. With all this, very affable, smiling and happy people. Ready to get acquainted with the life of ordinary Filipino closer. Republic of the Philippines — a magical and distant state of seven thousand Islands, five thousand of which have no name, no permanent population. The only country in the world, subject to all possible natural disasters such as tsunamis, typhoons and earthquakes. More than three hundred seventy years the Philippines were ruled by Spain, and the next forty-eight years after the Spanish-American war — under the rule of America. From the Spaniards left the currency name Philippine peso, the names of the citizens, Tagalog language, incredibly similar to the Spanish and the religion is Catholicism. Americans — the English language in the state, indiscriminate love of Filipinos to the fast food restaurants, basketball, and American movies and music. Blue-red-white flag of Philippines is two equal variants of use: a blue stripe on top in times of peace, red during war. Philippines is an overpopulated region, which occupies the twelfth place in the world population and only the seventy-second territory. Capital Region — Metro Manila is eighteen cities merged together, thus the total population of the metropolis of about thirteen million people and is the most populous city in the world. The population density is appalling: in Manila, each individual person has a plot of land measuring only seven by seven meters. For example, in the supposedly close, according to most, Almaty, this figure is fifteen by fifteen meters per person. Philippines is the largest exporter of coconuts, bananas and pineapples, as well as the birthplace of knives butterflies, and toys, which initially was also a weapon. At the state level, banned abortion and divorce. Public transport fleet consists of self-made»monsters»from local artisans, some mixture of the American military jeep and a limousine. City suffer from exhausts of the trucks, along with one of the most polluted rivers in the world Filipino is the main river. Dirt, noise, chaos, poverty, sharp smells and cobwebs of wires. With all this, very affable, smiling and happy people. Ready to meet the Filipinos closer. We flew to the Philippines in late October, and even then all shopping malls, supermarkets and other organizations were decorated with all sorts of trappings of this holiday. After a bit of decoration appeared, and residential homes from speakers across the island overflowed, and the mood of ordinary citizens in November was well, very festive. For Christmas there really are very warm, not afraid to suggest that it is one of the favorite holidays of Filipinos. As in South Korea, on holidays such as Christmas or a birthday, it is customary to give food, decorated in beautiful gift baskets. From the Motherland of karaoke the other and could not be expected. Indeed, the song is a part of life of every Filipino. At a big party may not be alcohol, but if not karaoke, dances and shows — the holiday failed. Supermarket staff sings while working, school girls singing on the bus on the way home, the man on the scooter echoes the sound of the radio on the go. A fascinating feature which I like very much. As for me this is a terrible, immoral and inhumane occupation, but, nevertheless, incredibly common in the Philippines. When you do not delve into the details of this activity seems easy yard play, but in fact it is heartbreaking to watch, bringing terrible and pointless death of sentient beings. But, anyway, cockfights are widespread and perhaps the most popular sport along with basketball. Filipinos are probably the most polite nation in the world. Will address you as»sir»or»mA’am»regardless of age and social status. The store will thank you for the purchase somehow and spread out in sincere good smile. Rice is really a favorite Filipino meal, eat it four times a day the absolute norm. In General, the food of the Filipinos is very simple and straightforward: a piece of chicken or fish, deep fried, plus rice or spaghetti on the side. The last dish is so popular and loved what»second»is served even in Mac. Eat it’s not the usual knives and forks, but prefer a spoon. Well the truth is, the vast majority of men simply chic haircut, attention to detail. Girls mostly have long straight hair and manic brushing them everywhere at a hundred five hundred times, and do it the simplest plastic combs that always carry with them. But feet ladies not defiliruya. Philippines — the only Asian and the third number of followers country in the world profess Catholicism. And Filipinos are very religious and Sunday family trips to the Church binding on them. The benefit of the churches and parishes abound, and the people there don’t just hear a sermon and sing a magic song. Hackneyed theme about the largest North cemetery in Manila, which once began to settle living people due to the lack of housing space. The graves and crypts really are rented from relatives of the deceased and, believe me, sometimes in the case of these immigrants really logical to stay with a family in the town cemetery, one scored the Manila streets. Yes, a lot of them, Yes, the Philippines is the first country in the world for sex tourism. First, it should be understood that they do it not from good life. Secondly, we should learn from Filipinos tolerance and understanding. Men, imagine that your friend one day becomes it, will change the attitude. But the Filipino will not change, and would be fine to chat with your friend in the future, it will never be ashamed or shunned by other people. Filipinos washing clothes in the streets, to wash and bathe the children on the streets, cut streets, sleeping on the streets, what can I say, many people live on the streets are like this on the sidewalk and casually already several times in someone’s apartment hanging out. Young people in large groups learning to dance in the streets or in the parks. Well, mass celebrations with singing under the open sky — it is sacred. In the Philippines there’s still plenty of unusual moments, such as checking bags at the entrance to any Mall, banana leaves used instead of plates, continuous cleaning of the teeth and refreshing drinks in bags. But, anyway, all that I have seen in other Asian countries, and therefore did not tell about it separately