Is it easy to meet a girl in the United States. What is the difference between Dating on the opposite side of earth from our country. On this and many other today I will tell you my experience of stay in the United States. Actually, I went to the US while studying on the summer holidays and Dating girls occupied is not the priority, as the lack of other difficulties, the need to earn and at least pay for the trip, and for this to work. In General, free time is not much. But, nevertheless, I managed to get some experience with the opposite sex. The Internet takes a growing place in people’s lives. On the one hand meeting people is easy here, but another until the boy and girl saw each other in real life to say anything hard about the prospects of communication. This option is also popular. The main advantage is that their friends can ask about the person and to form a basic idea of it. Most of the time Americans spend at work. And they work really very much. No wonder travelers often occur in between the labor process. College — the most favorable place for Dating. If you learn, you cross paths with a huge number of people of the same age and vital interests. Many couples in the United States are created during the study. American women are willing to meet and communicate in bars, but on the street it’s much more difficult. It should be more tactful. This is probably the most important feature. When I was in the cafe, a girl came up and started talking to me, I did not understand what was happening. Only when she offered me that I recorded a number, of the phone, it was clear that she liked me. From this and other situations leads to the following moment. Typically used so-called»social acquaintance». Roughly speaking, when you approach the person and start talking about the weather. From this developed further communication. Direct approaches when once Express my sympathy to the person, are used much less frequently, not to mention the brutality that is prevalent in Germany. In America, that’s jail. For sexual harassment. But I think there is even a big plus. Can be boring to have a conversation, continue to develop. Likely the girl will support the conversation. While such»soft»Dating Asian girl will regard for the weak or insecure men. Girls in the US are very independent and value their freedom. It is not accepted let them go ahead and pay for them in the restaurant. Every man for himself. You can, of course, offer to pay for his companion. She may agree, but maybe refuse. Failure should not be taken as a sign of courtesy. So she just wants to pay for itself. To persuade after a failure is not worth it. Americans have a sense of humor is quite different from ours. Personally, I was uncomfortable because I was hard to laugh at such jokes. Therefore, in order to meet and communicate with an American, you should obtain a minimum experience in this country and the demise of some of the nuances of communication. For example, our humor for American women can seem complicated. Jokes they have a very primitive, from our point of view. If Germany when meeting people often try to impersonate another person more than a wealthy, intelligent, successful, etc, then Americans this is much easier. They do not bother and do not try anyone to represent from itself. Therefore, when meeting a girl in America try to be honest with her and open. She will appreciate it, you will appear confidence, and communication will go much more pleasant and effective