When we woke up it was overcast and I was a little upset because I thought that the rain pure night, as it was in Vietnam on the Islands. Came for Breakfast, it turned out that it is not a buffet (and Breakfast, by the way, was not included in the room rate), and there is a selection of ten Breakfast options. I chose Breakfast, but he was not so rich: we were given the eggs, toast, bacon, sausage, coffee or juice, fruit. Bacon and sausages were so heavily fried in oil, that is, it was dangerous, the eggs is fresh eggs from -three eggs, one toast and jam butter, green tea no, coffee or juice. And the fruit was a little slice of watermelon In the following days we had Breakfast at, for example, a great Breakfast buffet there was a bit more expensive than this inedible in our hotel. But I’m fussy in eating and I have a medical diet, so I might be biased judge. After Breakfast we went to explore the hotel grounds. Then we took swimwear-swimming trunks and went in. The hotel had its own Shuttle, you could ride on. We got in the car, we sat a boy and his mother are Americans. We had a nice chat on the way, they were from Los Angeles. The road took minutes. In principle, if desired, this distance can be done on foot, but the road there is not the most pleasant of the local slums. The whole island lives: luxury hotels are interspersed with slums. First impression — a whole cloud of people, from everywhere Asian speech, every five metres you are trying to sell something in General encyclopedias. I honestly didn’t expect to Boracay are such a pop place, as, in General, took Mango down in a cheap and local pastries (very tasty, just twenty pesos), sat on the beach what a thrill, what a view. Having admired the view we went to walk in the direction of the -th station, came to the edge of the beach, even the sun came out a little, the color of the water was just stunning. We liked the place, decided to ask them about the Christmas dinner. They wanted per person and the menu I’m not very liked. We decided to look in other places. Chose the restaurant on one Station that played there who we liked, everything was so nice and cute. Menu NG-dinner, liked it, booked the table and made a hundred prepaid per person. In General, we walk up and naterials on the beach, came to the hotel on the beach in the dark (the dark was there before, somewhere.), the waves were large already dark swim there got sick, but cool swim in the pool, it is illuminated, with sea water, with sea view, we were both there in common. However later he pulled another pair, and then the rain came. But in the rain to swim was also good. The dinner went on, I wanted seafood, we went to several places, shrimp everywhere over and offered shrimp, fried and wrapped in bacon is very greasy. A little further on we came upon a restaurant that serves traditional Filipino cuisine, looked very cosy and authentic, there were a lot of Filipinos, and just found a small empty table for two. There was a real authentic Filipino cuisine, because almost all the other places it was adapted, and by the way there were huge portions, almost everything can be take two. The service is great. In General, like. Also here you can try traditional dessert made with coconut milk served in banana leaf. It is believed that as such, Filipino cuisine does not exist, since the formation of it was influenced by many neighbouring countries: China, Malaysia, India, and Spain, as the Philippines had long been under the dominion of Spain. By the way, did you know why the Philippines is called the Philippines. Islands year were called the Philippines in honor of the Spanish king Philip. The main dish is rice and chicken, and of course fish and various seafood. Vegetables unfamiliar to us: green papaya, okra, sweet potatoes, banana blossoms, tamarind. Soup Kare-Kare in the composition of the soup includes ox tails, coarsely chopped pieces of beef or pork, and crushed peanuts. Shrimp was okay, but the calamari, they were overcooked, they were rubber. Ordered more vegetables, the waiters forgot to bring, so while we waited for our waitress, everything was eaten and vegetables in General are not needed. She honestly admitted with a smile from ear to ear that I forgot. The market we found, but not really looking, because there were not enough days on the island, and -th station did not have time to study. Of course, the price of the restaurants, shrimp and other seafood insanely overpriced. And as shown they cook them does not matter. Well, or we were not lucky