To go to one of the most magical places on Earth definitely need your own. Our travel experience in the Philippines: transport, food, prices, beaches, cheap accommodation and tips. Read, get inspired and make the journey. The material is based on the personal experience of travel in the years and updated in the winter of the year. The Philippines is an island nation, so there is a wide choice of transport from conventional buses to exotic bikes. To travel between Islands is quite convenient, you almost always can get where you need water, air or earth. Lack of water transport on The Philippines: Islands are connected by ferries, yachts, sailboats and boats. Present as the major ferry companies with a credible ferries and small (as a rule, their ferries are not in the best condition). In addition, there is a hydrofoil boats and small motor boats, which can travel short distances. The cost of the ticket depends on the company and distance. This method is extremely common, especially in large cities, and is very cheap from seven pesos per kilometer (depending on city and distance). the jeep is one of the most popular ways to travel. It is a mixture of American jeep and a van with no Windows and doors. As a rule, drivers paste your jeep various colored stickers. Definitely worth a ride on this colorful and unusual form of transport. the jeep can be stopped on the road and jump on the back bandwagon, and even ride on the roof. The fare is around eight pesos. Move Filipinos and on motorcycles, sometimes whole groups of people think, not every tourist will venture on this. Extremely, do not say anything. Buses are mainly used for communication between cities, but can take you and to the other Islands (by ferry). Are as comfortable, and not so good. In addition, there are a variety of vans a La our bus. Also the trains on the island of Luzon, which connects the capital with the Northern and southern towns of the island. If you used to ride with comfort, you can always catch a cab, besides, they are quite inexpensive here. Or you can rent a car. No problem to move to the Philippines yourself on the aircraft on the Islands a huge number of airports. Two of the largest airport located in Manila and Cebu. They are used for local flights and international. Here fly, the airline and others. The local flights are daily from Manila. Popular airlines. Note in some cases, the departure will have to pay a fee, and sometimes it is included in the ticket price. Check with the representatives of your airline. For example, when we took off, had to pay a hundred pesos. Where to find cheapest tickets. To do this the easiest with the help of search engines. To find the best price, check both and see tickets for different dates. Read the instructions on how to find cheap flights and how to cheaply get to the Philippines. Read about how to obtain a visa to the Philippines for the Russians and how extend: detailed article manual which will be useful for those who are only going to visit the island, and travellers already living there. Season in the Philippines begins in December you would not want to witness tropical storms and typhoons that come here from may to November, and to wait out the storm in a hotel. The sea in the season of crystal clear and incredible beautiful colors. In such a crystal clear water only and do snorkeling and scuba diving. The peak of the typhoons is in August, but in high season there is a risk of their occurrence, for example, we have found a Typhoon in mid-December of the year that hit Luzon. Fortunately, we were at this time on the island at a distance of three hundred miles from the Typhoon, and only saw clouds and a little rain. Remember that the most ‘risky’ is considered the island of Luzon, more precisely, its Northern part, entering the so-called zone of typhoons. And that’s what the island to the South, the less likely you are to catch bad weather. If you are planning an independent trip to the Philippines should get used to the idea that you will not be able to see all the Islands they are more than seven thousand. Before heading to the Philippines, you need to decide what you’re going to enjoy the sun and sea on the beach, explore the island, explore the underwater world or take in the sights. Don’t forget to take out insurance, especially if you are going to rent a bike or engage in active sports. The greatest demand among tourists is Boracay island. This small island, which can easily be explored on foot, is ideal for a beach holiday. Here like any: there are secluded places and night clubs, and sporting activities (focused on windsurfers and kite surfers). The most famous beach. The island has a mangrove forest. Many believe that this island should begin an independent study of the Philippines. Often, the state capital, Manila unfairly left without attention. And nothing is worth at least two days to give her and the island. Uninhabited Islands and untouched nature, national Park and all of this can turn the head of anyone. On Bohol you should go for the famous Chocolate hills, beautiful waterfalls, caves and nature reserve. Bohol is surrounded by seventy small Islands, which are also interesting to explore. He and island satellites are ideal for diving. This, of course, interesting is not the end of the island we have listed to you only the most known. Almost every island you can find something to their liking. Bored independent travelers to the Philippines will not be exact. Going to the independent travel around the Philippines, pay special attention to local cuisine. It differs slightly in various parts of the Philippines. The main component is, of course, rice, as Filipino cuisine is a typical Asian kitchen. Filipinos love to add to dishes of seafood, tropical fruits, coconut milk and shavings, various spices (although compared to neighbouring Vietnam Filipino cuisine Asian spares the stomach). In addition to rice, the Islands are spread noodles and vegetables as a side dish. As for the desserts, they generally are prepared with local tropical fruits or rice and coconut cakes, pastries, ice cream, jams. Recommend ice cream with fruit, candy of durian, rice cakes. Traveling in the Philippines alone, stick to well-known rules: eat where the local eat. So you will learn all traditional dishes of the local cuisine, moreover, in unassuming places to look for local usually the most delicious dishes (and prices). If you are tired of the exotic dishes on the Islands, you will easily be able to find cafes and restaurants offering Asian cuisine. Those traveling to the Philippines alone, no need to worry about accommodation here, you’ll find it in the required amount. Hotels, apartments, bungalows, houses, villas the choice is impressive. Hotels are advised to seek the service, but private accommodation (villas, apartments etc.) recommend to rent on the popular service. there sometimes you can find unusual options, such as a tree house. Budget travellers we recommend to book accommodation a little further away from the sea, it will cost much cheaper. Please note that the Manila hotels cheaper eleven, virtually no. We lived in the area, is very small and stuffy room, without window with fan is worth eight hundred pesos for two very not advised. Conditions Spartan, the bathroom on the floor. Then we walked around the streets and found a wonderful guest house, very cozy and homely. There is a spacious room with a fan, a private bathroom and the window is peso. You can drink free tea and coffee. In Cebu also stayed in two hotels (and both were cockroaches). The first pesos, a bathroom and air conditioning, but only in the lobby. Address. Second, a very cheap six hundred pesos for a room with air conditioning and bathroom, and table. Room shabby, with insects, but night can. good catches on the first floor only. Address: at the intersection and look for the sign. Before the trip, we gathered information about which ATMs in the Philippines you can withdraw money without a fee. It turned out that all ATMs charge a fee of two hundred pesos, except (but only for Bank customers, the limit is fifteen thousand pesos). The maximum amount that can be obtained at ATMs, basically is ten thousand pesos at a time. According to reviews, it is possible to remove twenty thousand (verified filmed in Cebu airport), you can withdraw cash in dollars, and can go up to as much as forty thousand pesos (us the ATM did not fall, and to verify the information are unable). The SIM card costs fifty pesos. Buy a pre-paid plan. better not take it then it is almost impossible to find a place where it would be possible to replenish the balance (ask). But the tents with the inscription much more. Rates both statements about the same: fifty pesos a day, per week and per month