Crystal the dream of many Filipinos — from the Philippines to blame. Women traditionally find it easier to do, because they have the option of getting married in marriage. For the approximation of simple dreams Filipino girls to reality there is the city of Angeles, the meaning of which was originally in the service the nearby American military base. Now aged soldiers continue to rest in the usual places in good company. They say that the Motherland begins from cigarettes by the piece. I don’t know if in the Philippines as underground, as in Germany (at least one revolution was there), but Philippine home single cigarettes is also not alien. three pesos (rubles). For special judges there are two. As a city Angeles is quite dull. And dusty. For the most part consists of hourly motels. At the entrance funny signs prohibited conduct of minors. And weapons to carry. Some motels like from Korea arrived. But for the most part, something like that. Room for five hundred pesos was not very romantic — the catastrophic shortage of the brightness of the bulbs rather hide old furniture and intruders with six legs at the corners, rather than disposed to love. But the furnishing of the room was very rich — almost a full-fledged Studio apartment. There’s even a Church. What could be neumestno. Traditionally the main street is called. During the day she is not happy but there’s not much to do. Except to buy Ramen noodles. The evening begins dvizhuha — boys meet girls. Although, some boys, some girls. Boys average years of hearth and girls for a long time not girls. And some never were. ‘Game’ (and in English it is called that way, there is even an expression to enjoy success with the girls at the disco) is like this. On the main street, mostly bars. Near the entrance are often girls barkers. Inside is a stage full of girls in bikinis. No lap dance there is no smell, they’re just standing, dancing in place. Periodically, the two groups change. The tables sit on two or three of the old man, the crowd around each dam. Being the cultural conversation, then after payment bar action moves to another place. There are more Mama-San is how would the bar Manager on work with clients. The proposal greatly exceeds the demand. Men who hang out on the street, not just. They openly sell cigarettes, but in fact offer. No, not marijuana. Who’s she here for. Of course, viagra and analogs. Of course, no youth hangouts here. The only place remotely resembling a club, is the ambiguous title. Even at the entrance there is security, or visibility. In fact, it is a disco with loud disgusting (to heartaches) music, where you can get girls without payment of a fee to the bar. And next to men who play chess and put the instrument on the system. No way out for evening entertainment, the colourful inhabitants of the slums across the street. this is so called a neighbor with whom take shelter in half, to cheaper. It is in the slums are renting, interested. Or someone wants to get out of the slums, and therefore is looking for a companion