This is the clitoris

The fold of skin under the gemstone is the small lips and parts of the vaginal opening. During the week they have excellent ovaries, and from the abdomen to the opening of the vagina. They already contain a lifetime supply of millions of eggs. In youth, the gemstone develops more into the penis and becomes, for example, with an extra week. The external cuticle comes later, the scrotum, the testicles. Within a week, the testicles are located in the Mature abdomen. The sperm cells may already be immature. Soon you can start going down into the scrotum, but it’s a long way, and you get there — sometimes even shortly after the baby is born — at the time of pregnancy. If you want to know if it’s a boy or a girl, you should hold out for at least a week. Then the genitals are so well developed that they can be detected by ultrasound. For the best use of our website and email, Baby Center uses Cookies and similar tracking systems for our content and personalized advertising. We can use your site data even more useful for the design of your site. By clicking on the button, you agree to the use of our criteria and receiving an email.

So now I’m in business

Now I’m three weeks pregnant, and that’s fine with me.

Zero nausea, we can’t complain

Quite the contrary, as for my sons, since it was not the first good deed of the month due to severe nausea. Now, of course, we hope it’s a girl, that’s what she thinks. Hello Hello I write my boyish moves, I am so happy that this is my second before it was many years ago I love my sons ? I always burn usually on the right, rarely on the left from the very beginning. but so, it’s normal, don’t worry, I didn’t know them, but with my two big ones, I didn’t know them at all