In the Philippines there is a city that is very fond of Western retirees. Despite the fact that there are no pretty beaches, interesting architecture and world famous landmarks, Australian, European and American grandfather knocked back the crowds. There is no natural health clinics and resorts where you can improve your health. Maybe there is some special atmosphere. No, it’s much easier. Angeles is a Philippine Pattaya, the capital of prostitution, where retirees come to remember youth and to have fun with local girls. As expected, all rooted in history. Angeles Clark is a former US military base. When the Philippines became an American colony, the military decided to place a naval base called Clark in Angeles and naval base in Subic Bay, which is at a distance of few hours drive. Of course, where there are military time of peace, there immediately appear and prostitutes. Philippine beauty realized in time that their edges suddenly appeared a lot of single foreigners who have money. There’s even a legend that the U.S. government in those years started to produce two-dollar bill to the warriors of Clark’s was easier to pay with Filipino girls. It is so much worth their services. As time went on. Eventually, the Philippines became an independent state and decided that the military base of another country on its territory it’s too much and withdrew all foreign troops. Air force base»Clark»was turned into a successful civilian airport, and the area around began to build shopping centers and to pave high-speed roads. But the reputation-it is not going anywhere. Angeles remained the legendary city, where two-dollar bill is determined by your mood.»Second lieutenants boys young»by this time it appeared gray hair and a good American pension. And their civilian friends listened to the brave stories about Clark for several decades and also realized how to age. In the end, the popular trail is not overgrown, and Angeles became a city of dreams. Grandfather’s dream about the young girl. A girl of a rich grandfather. Everybody will be happy. When I got there to buy a motorcycle, I didn’t know about this feature of the city. In Manila I met a few foreigners in the age, who one and all came from Angeles and said that this is a very cool city. I was not alarmed. Upon arrival, I immediately went to the office with the bike, which was next to the street called. It consisted entirely of bars with closed doors. Then I started on something to guess. When I went to get a haircut and the hairdresser said that they usually call, I finally understood. And when on the street I was approached by a salesman and said,»Hey man, viagra is not needed.»I realized that Angeles Clark no ordinary city. I settled in the hotel. This was facilitated by the fact that in Manila he advised one of course to the elderly American. He said,»If you go in Angeles Clark, the hotel has the best location and is just eight hundred pesos. Here, take a business card». The hotel turned out to be a double feeling. On the one hand it is located in a quiet and pleasant place, near a good restaurant and the waitress sang to me when I bring food. On the other hand, everything in the hotel is imbued with the spirit of old people sex travel. There’s twilight, old furniture, huge beds for the vast Americans, large handle built into the walls in the bathroom, so people with sciatica were able to sit down and bathe. One day when I was sitting in the lobby, from the next room, someone he shouted that he was dying and he needed help. To him at the same moment the guards ran, and the girl at the Desk calmly smiled at me:»never mind. We get this a lot». In the evening I went to research to find out more about what’s going on, and, of course, to drink rum. I decided that the first walk to the street, then I’ll go to every bar, drink a rum and coke and leave. My plan almost succeeded. a very boring day and exciting night. Day more sleep and cure hangover, and at night go to have fun. From the first look is a typical tourist street, which is a little more than completely filled with girls. Usually they stand still and shout something beckoning to the white man. Each girl sitting administrators who are also beckoning you to the light and a special rope to open the door. Once again not to get up. On the streets of the biggest seller of cigarettes. For some reason they all sell. Most likely they are not sold in the bars and Smoking is not allowed there. And so went out, bought a pack and smoked a cigarette. Street bars, which differ little from each other. There are really a few»elite»institutions that are different is that a large free space and a large number of girls. Inside in any case can not be removed.»Remove»in the literal sense, and in portable you can). Inside as a rule is the podium on which are girls in bikinis and danced to the beat of the music. Around the catwalk located tables where visitors sit, drink alcohol and consider beauties. Every girl on the swimsuit hanging pieces of different laminated cards with stamps and stamped paper. Is a work permit, some logging, perhaps a medical certificate. Still every girl hanging number or name. Some write the name of the marker on the body. Inside there is a feeling that you were in a public house. All very unobtrusive. No offers questionable services and does not hint at them. Just sitting, sipping a rum and coke and watch the girls build eyes at you. This is probably the only action is to attract your attention. Every — minutes, someone rings the bell and the girls are changing. On the podium stand new, and others go to relax. Girls do not look like prostitutes. This ordinary girl that about something with you talking, laughing and joking. There is no selection in appearance. There are beautiful, there is ugly. There are slender, have full. But all equally good and well-groomed look. I chatted with the manageress of a bar, and she told me how it all works. Women come there from different Philippine cities. Many of Davao city. In Russian of course funny»Prostitute of the city»). This is considered a very tough job if you are dancing in the bar. First, girls by local standards, well paid, and secondly, there’s always a chance to pick up an elderly foreigner, to marry him and to leave the Islands to a new life. The technology of removal the next. A foreigner walks into a bar, looking at girls, chooses one that he likes and calls the waitress’s name or number. Then he pays at the bar pesos (rubles) and could do with a girl, anything within twenty four hours. This local language is called. And the girl gets only fifty of the amount (rubles), the rest goes to the cashier of the bar. Grandpa often shoot not one, but girls and spend with them your whole vacation. The girls is considered a super opportunity. But the grandfather doesn’t pay every day for their services, but simply leads to restaurants and buying gifts. Many go with the girls to the sea, give Teddy bears, iPhones and clothes. The girl is happy. I went to the biggest bar and saw a picture that you will remember forever. Inside was a second floor that looked like a semi-circular balcony that overlooks the stage with the girls. There were the same tables, but, probably, the review was better. I sat down and noticed that on the second floor sits a Korean man in the hat. He talked to the waitress and then took out a wad of money and began to throw them down. All courtesans forgot about the dance and ran screaming to catch them and jump in time to grab a note in the air before the others. The Korean was incredibly steep. He literally lies with money, and sometimes the finger pointing at the chosen girl and threw the note to her. Girl stuffed the money in panties and bras. I have not seen bills of dignity he throws, but from afar it was like five hundred pesos, which is about four hundred rubles. I thought he was a very rich. I was curious and I asked the manageress what money he throws. She replied that it was twenty pesos (rubles). And he before you throw the waitress asked to make change for the twenty.

I watched the Korean rogue shit cool threw a trifle Philippine prostitutes, and they almost fought for it. And Koreans love such pseudo extravagance. My friend said that too a couple of years ago I saw people of the same nationality who threw money. Another situation that struck me was with Frank. Frank is a Catholic pastor retired, who has worked in the Church in the Philippines more than fifteen years. He is from Ireland, and I accidentally met him near the island. Then he blessed me on the journey. I admired the fact that received a blessing from the priest. But then, when I arrived in Angeles, I saw Frank, accompanied by a Philippine woman who took his arm to bars. Here a very important remark. I did not condemn Frank, just to see the Catholic pastor in a strip bar for me, surprisingly.

I was amazed

Actually, as I understand it, foreign pensioners are not that necessary in the first place sex. They need company and care, which they for some reason do not receive at home. I’ve seen a lot of such pairs in different regions of the Philippines and their relationship is more valued psychologically, not physically. The Filipinos in the mentality of the worship of men as God, so they never make trouble, always care and perform household chores. It is not enough for Western men who come to Angeles to live in normal family relations and, perhaps, feel the main. Apparently, the reasons for the popularity of Angeles is rooted in Western feminism. I had been to three hours of the night and visited almost all the bars. One rum and coke was up a lot and by the end of the evening I was already in a deranged state. I came out of the last bar in which a girl from Davao told me about how well here, sat on the bike, which brought me to the hotel. The way I remember vaguely. I liked the fact that absolutely no one drunk Russian tried to cheat, although the place is blighted. In the next post I’m gonna start from Angeles on a motorcycle and go to the neighbouring province, to see finally the sea and the cliffs, watch the cock fighting and get acquainted with the Filipino natives AITA. Do not switch