Hello, I would like to ask the boy in the usual way more questions Ask how old he is, where he lives and what he has for a hobby, I have already asked you, do you have this, maybe more ideas I have from him, I could ask why we do not have a topic to talk about, and also find that time has no time to meet. Many thanks for the accurate answers to the questions of this hobby. Today he did what he did this morning, there are billions of different ways to forum. So you did, too. What I was able to do is still so much in demand. I already know this, so now I have a»friend»with whom I am madly in love. I asked him months ago because it’s him, but there’s no time to prove it. (hobby, driver’s license, school, and so on). Slowly I finally meet him and my sister thinks I will send WhatsApp again. In her opinion, I should do it. I have a friend in my class who I think is very nice. We’ve known each other for many years and sometimes even met his friend and my boyfriend. I’ve spent the last few days sometimes so lost in thought. I want to be alone with him. Now my question is, can I do this on Osapp issues or is it too impersonal. First, it’s the guys outside now. Also, I’m afraid he’ll say no, so please give me some advice. Well, still inexperienced, I suddenly fell ill, and I want someone to write that I first answered»Yes», the invitation can not come. Since I am only ill for a short time, I do not want others to keep a lie for me. Whatever sounds better. This is so stupid that the question seems so stupid, please put yourself in my situation and please don’t make stupid comments.

Hi. Write I have a big moment with you. Guys, talking is boring, and I don’t know what to ask him. Do you have any advice on how to get him to know you better?»We’ve already talked about family and talking about Hobbies, which I can ask that the Chat is not boring. Hey, so I met a girl in love and I and how should I make it better after meeting a question that is on vacation, but I have a before me after your vacation question do we want to take and I have already received several cancellations from girls who asked where I have Whatsapp, then do you have tips on how I could thank read over it and correct it if necessary. I have the text as an exercise for next week’s class test. Description: publishes the»History of the Fenster Theater»Austrian writer ILSA aichinger tells about a woman, an ambiguous topic that her older neighbor Crazy neighbor is therefore called Yes, although this is just a»window theater»for the child on the list. When the older one turns on the light, it arouses the interest of the woman who lives on the second-to-last floor of the building. While the woman and at the moment has not yet decided whether she is mine, she is now safe, because, according to her knowledge, the apartment is located above the void and under the workshop, which is already closed at this time. When a neighbor starts with a white rag, waves, hangs far above the parapet, with a handmade scarf and turban, the woman is sure that this man is crazy. After the old man is handed over to the police by the power that a woman has, the neighbor calls for attention. When the police door opened, I noticed that the Rear Man was still at the window. A woman appears at the window and sees the boy standing there laughing, waving a pillow over his head and a blanket over his shoulders. The woman admits that the old man in the window of the theater is on the list for young people. With this story, the author wants to Express that communication is not always and not always it only happens in words. Hiesh is a woman. I have a great connection with a guy I like. Maybe this is the time when we write to Whatsapp from fast weeks, but it is never a topic of conversation. I sometimes ask, but I can’t think of any questions right now. Do you have any suggestions for what I can ask him about or what we can write about? -) Hello, I recently bought a young man with whom I met, and we immediately understood, very well understood, that I like to be really happy, and that I also spend a lot of time together and write like this, but for some reason at the moment we no longer have a topic for conversation: (what now. Hello, I met a boy with whom I have good contact. Once I invited him to a party and he wrote that he was very happy. But that day he was ill and couldn’t come (I guess he didn’t want to, but he personally apologized to me and gave me a bag of chewing bears). It’s been almost a few days now months, and I wanted it to be on vacation, and since we personally understand this very well (for WhatsApp Pants is dead). But I don’t want to upset the Vile one. I must ask again. Hey, I’m going to an ice disco on Friday with a young man. We write constantly and know about many other things. The problem is that he still wants to write to him, but for topics like Hobbies, interests, we already have everything. I have to ask him what we wrote about, or there are games on Whatsapp. I. Hey, I have a boy known for Kazappu. I wrote with the boy for a while, and he interested me. We are both about the same age, and we got to know each other a little (Hobbies, interests, family). Now we always ask each other questions, but they fall slowly and no longer fall. Do you have any idea that what I have from him is still so much in demand? I’m playing with Boy of a Game, so the question should be answered, and then I have one that represents me. I can’t imagine asking for more. At you I have some ideas. I’ve already said thank you. Hello Community, about a month ago, after a coveted meeting, I forced myself to»fall in love»with Whatsapp. He refused. My question is how can I ask more questions. If you could help me with how and what to write, I would be very grateful. Lutz today I met a boy from the Internet. we also write about WhatsApp. I wanted to ask him now what’s going on between us because we’ve known each other for a very long time, so we’ve been writing to each other for a few months and talking a lot on the phone, and I think I have feelings for him, but I don’t know how to ask him, if he wants me Please help me. With the XBOX Game Pass, you can play for sure for free and for free with limited playing time. Bring some more. C) there Is a combination of both, or if I have several free games to play and also want to play both final subscriptions online. I really like the boy, and even I sometimes feel that he likes me. Right now, we’re writing about Whatshapp, but I don’t know what I can ask him. I do this so as not to be Intrusive. It has a Jmd. an idea for a good topic of conversation. D So. I know about the arrest of a young man, and we’ve been having a great time lately and all that, and I have no idea what he might write to me. I know all his Hobbies and stuff, and we talked about music and school and everything. And I’m for him, no problem with sex or when we’re Dating or anything like that