Unlike the Thai sex industry in the Philippines much ceremonial. Looking for Filipino girls, it becomes clear that such a love of the subtropics in Thailand you will not find. Eager to Asian love Western gentlemen previously written off the Internet with the ladies, and those already there are»suitors»at airports. Then a few weeks of their life in Paradise on some island. I do not know at what cost. His eyes have seen mothers give girls Dating adult men. But still gave advice that as a Yes. From the point of view of Asian morality — it is a complete disgrace. Here it is in order, the way to survive. As in Germany, here, too, there is the problem of gender imbalance. More women, because to get married is not easy. Therefore, the gray-haired solid sex tourists it is important to walk down the street, taking the handle of a comely young damsel of about sixteen. As if proud of his foresight. Strong and representatives, relying on the case, in content with the company thick and not-very-nice ladies who pick up in bars. If in Thailand girls are easily removed in massage parlors, in the Philippines it is not accepted. Besides, the man could easily face here at trannies. They often work in massage parlours. And despite the fact that the masseuses struggling to attract tourists,»mA’am, sir, Thai massage.», no erotic Thai massage here and does not smell. On the adjacent terrace of my hotel in the evenings was frankly bored two guys, an Englishman, who came here to go diving. The British complained that can’t find a cute resort friends. It is clear that holiday romance — a thing frivolous. However, there are a lot of international couples with children. The store even met an Asian man with a Filipino wife. I don’t know why, but the man talked to children in Asia. They say the Europeans marry local girls, then to buy land on the island. Otherwise it is very difficult to do. The land is literally worth its weight in gold. But to buy a condo — it is easier simple. In three days you can become a property owner. Prices do not differ much from the prices in Ulan-Ude, but housing is much better