Social network is one of the most active network of action in the Philippines, Filipinos declared as the most active users in the number of online social networks like and Twitter. The use of social networking website has become so extensive in the Philippines that the country has been tagged as the Social networking capital of the World and also became part of the Philippine Internet culture. The social network is also used in the Philippines as a form of election campaign material, as well as tools to aid criminal investigation. one of the first social networking on the world wide web when it was introduced a century But its popularity in the United States plummeted quickly due to major technical problems and server delays. But as it was losing its American audience, slowly gained users from Southeast Asia starting in the Philippines. Development Director, Chris Lund asked a question why it Internet traffic spiked in the middle of the night and noticed that the movement came from the Philippines. He then traced the trail to a Filipino-American marketing consultant and hypnotist named Carmen Leila de Jesus as the first user who entered the Philippines, where many of her friends live. The study, released, McCain gave the right the power of the People, declared the Philippines as the social networking capital of the world, with per cent of Filipinos considered the members of the social network. They are also regarded as the main photo downloaders and viewers of the online video, while they are second when it comes to the number of blog readers and video downloaders. With more than millions of Filipinos using the Internet, millions of them visit a social networking site at least once a month. From time to time was the most visited web site in the Philippines, and Indonesia, according to the network, tracking the location of Alex. David Jones, Vice President for global marketing, said the largest percentage of (their place) users from the Philippines, getting started with thirty-nine percent of site traffic. He further added that in March alone, made a record thirty nine million unique visitors, millions of whom were from the Philippines. Meanwhile, Multiply President and founder Peter Pezaris said that the Filipino users of their sites to include the most numerous and most active group in terms of number of subscribers and of photographs uploaded daily. Approximately million more than nine million registered users of multiply in the Philippines, surpassing even the number of nationalities with a bigger population like the United States, Indonesia and Brazil. In addition, one million photos uploaded by Filipinos to multiply every day, which is half the total number worldwide. Sixty percent of Filipino users of multiply, the woman, while seventy percent of the younger. In comparison to Philippine users between the ages of sixteen to thirty percent of them female. With the popularity of social networking in the Philippines and was thinking of ways to use it for their benefit the local market. The former concluded that online advertising would not work in a country with limited Internet access, and instead focused on development services based on mobile phones, which is much more widely distributed, starting with providing free phone calls between members, as well as service text messaging mobile phone for its Filipino users. It also experimented on online classifieds Wmnotes S. meanwhile, started its Philippine version. Wmnotes Philippines developed in cooperation with Interactive to grow its user base in the country, as well as enjoying its local advertising and mobile services. the first social network engine in the Philippines devoted to celebrities. was founded in, to meet the countless requirements for a successful concert production, public relations, advertising, promotions and artist management. In, Mr. abana has left his position of President and Executive Director of the company and handed the reins to his five senior employees. The popularity of social networking in the Philippines can be traced in the culture of Filipinos friends helping friends. For Filipinos, their friends and who they know can become more valuable than money, especially when what they need can be achieved through nepotism, favoritism, and friendship among others. social networks have wide applications in the Philippines. It was used to promote television programs like with its two profiles on Multiply. Company center jobs posted on multiply the online community and was able to attract newcomers. He ultimately was elected to Parliament in the Senate. Local celebrities and politicians have since created their own profiles on their environment to to communicate with their fans and voters. was also used as a tool for police investigations. Local police in Cebu city where able to track down the suspects for the robbery and murder of a medical student female in March. After receiving information and tips from the public and other police officers, the local police searched through the suspects profiles to get a closer look at their faces. Police published pictures of the suspects and initiated a series of police operations that led to their arrest. Meanwhile the police station of Manila have arrested a suspect for the murder of two officials guest relations after they were able to find the whereabouts of the suspect through his profile. Social networks have also become a source of high level cyber warfare, especially between actors Ynez Veneracion and Monday Confiado against Juliana, Palermo. Two accused Palermo in creating fake profile of her ex-boyfriend Confiado, which is loaded with photos Confiado and his girlfriend, Veneracion, but loaded profanations in each header. For his proposals for the Philippine Presidency in may, then Secretary of National defense Gilberto Teodoro began an aggressive campaign through social media. He took you from networks such as I. He reportedly spent nearly a quarter of his campaign budget on social media in the Philippines compared to the current President Benigno Simeon Aquino is. Filipino-American Internet personality Christine Gambito, also known as, was criticized for displaying what she described as inappropriate ads that appear on her profile. She put an ad on a Bulletin Board designated, referring to her fans that she was going to delete my account. Gambito previously deleted his account because she objected powered ad online that said was in direct conflict with the brand and especially Philippine women. It is particularly criticized the registration of advertisements of international Dating sites that, presumably, is meant for the Filipinos. Meanwhile, the Philippine Director General of State police, Avelino Rason ordered to find out who created a fake account using his identity. The profile was loaded with false information about him, saying he wants to meet traitors, corrupts, criminals so he could crush them. Since December there have been cases of spam comments in profiles, most of which are in the form of an image pretending to be nested video, thumbnail sexually explicit video clip, such as a girl undressing herself or something similar. Clicking on a picture usually leads to a redirection to a dubious or disreputable website, or worse, the load on the car malicious software such as a worm. Since some users, especially teenagers, usually included in the place in Internet cafes, there is only limited knowledge about malicious software or computers in General, these social and technical attacks can be a significant risk. The place has received considerable criticism due to this problem