These tropical Islands remember a lot of invasions»civilized»Nations. The Spaniards, Japanese, Americans — all strove to reshape local residents in their own way. Partly they succeeded. The Spaniards brought Catholicism and strict in Castilian manners renamed Filipinos in Jose and Fernandes. The Americans instilled a love of shopping, fast food and giant billboards. The Japanese showed the locals how to make sushi. The mixture of all these foreign inclusions with a local flavor made absolutely Philippines unlike other countries in South-East Asia. At first glance, Asian Philippines can be taken as a typical Latin American country with her classic signs: poverty, crime, religious fanaticism and bright carnivals. But still, the Philippines remained themselves — a unique country, which is inhabited by dozens of tribes, for the most part has preserved its ancient culture. Even if you do not find here fatty»cultural layer», the identity of the outlying Islands and nature more than compensate for its shortage. It has everything a traveller needs: and cool mountain slopes with pine, and white beaches with hundreds of dive spots and active volcanoes, luxury Spa hotels, and even bamboo bungalows on the ocean for a few dollars