Curious whether the girl to pause at the beginning of Dating. For example, don’t write him first don’t send SMS, so as not to pass Intrusive and already hooked. For example, I am a third year looking for a appropriate not a Princess and don’t maniac (Hello beginning of the article). Ie he is a normal Muscovite, thirty-five years, Asian, live alone, no bad habits, working in it, addicted to self-development, photos and dancing and looking fine, his equal, not looking at me from above and not relying on items to ensure no flaws and a great honor to be the recipient of Her most Holy Majesty. And as soon as I see the manipulation and lies (for example, most of the advice above), make the legs. Sleep with such after meeting in a bar wherever you went. But to build a relationship is only with adequate and sincere girl, on an equal footing. It seems that these really are almost gone. Sorry. from a few programmers already heard tips go to prostitutes, since the problem is widespread. In the eyes of men it seems that prostitutes are better than those of decent. Although decent then you can even higher the nose up, saying it’s losers, not able to build a relationship, But whether such relations are losers with salaries of a hundred. And why their incomes indicate. Not money to marry. The main thing was your people. When you love — all for the happiness of a loved one will make. Natasha, it is not necessary to pause. The longer delayed the communication, the greater the time required to understand and whether to build with him (her) a serious relationship. If mutual interest is the beginning of Dating, that he will not appear later. If he is worse in any case will not be all as old as the world. Greater fool than a man not find. Enough to praise and clearly say that it is unique. For that nature. Only the first part of the article is correct, the rest is nonsense. Failed one size fits all, and all different. Female with the crown, initially demonstrating the arrogance and arrogance, called inaccessibility, and disgust. If met, liked each other, then why the hell fake it and build yourself some leftovers. Having a great experience of Internet Dating, I note that in spite of everything, a long-term relationship turned out after sex on the first day. You are putting the cart before the horse. A long-term relationship, not because the sex was on the first day, and just because people each other immediately and decided not to waste time. Ie sex here simply as an indicator of the level of sympathy, but he was in the first day or the th is already a Convention. If the same sympathy sex to exclude the relationship would not be affected