Back in August I got a mysterious letter inviting them to send photographs for selection to participate in the Russian-Philippine photo exhibition in the framework of the business forum, which will be held in the Philippines in Cebu — Oct. I don’t know how I found the organizers. Apparently through the Union of art photographers. Asked to send pictures purely»Asian»theme — national holidays, traditions, etc, Sent and forgotten. A month later the answer came with an invitation to the forum and to participate in the exhibition. True to pay for flights of course nobody was going to. But I decided that I would fly again a reason, and for a long time I wanted to finally get somewhere outside of our continent. But I decided not only to visit the the forum, but also to travel a bit. After reading a lot of information on the Philippines, I realized that the perfect place for my stay — the island of Palawan. This is the most unusual island, and the nature here, judging by the reviews, the wildest and most beautiful landscapes. So — the tickets are purchased. Cheapest — via Hong Kong — twenty-nine thousand. Premeditate my route on the island of Palawan and booked the hotels (well, really hotels it is difficult to call, rather the guest house). nineteen of October. The evening took off from Domodedovo. -hour night flight. Can’t sleep — looking at the lights of cities below and the movie on the screen of the aircraft of the player. As soon as the light starts landing in Hong Kong. The airport is located between the mountains, by the sea — very picturesque. Terminals at Hong Kong airport is huge — to walk from one end terminal to the other took me twenty minutes. Here’s another people and another spirit — the spirit of Asia. Two hours later, sat in my flight back to Manila. Only yesterday over the Philippines was the largest for the year Typhoon yesterday and all flights to Manila were cancelled. I was lucky — today, the Typhoon had already left to China. When we flew, just flew over it. The shaking did not have much, but even at the height of thirteen miles was all covered with clouds, or rather cloud mist and we were flying in a white shroud. In Manila though the airport international, but the contrast with Hong Kong is great. The first time I saw such a relaxed customs. Apparently they really encourage tourism. In Manila, I again transfer to Cebu. I had to go to the domestic terminal down the street. thirty and humidity. Now I have felt that far away from Germany. Another hour on the plane, and I finally in Cebu. Here me and another Asian delegate was met by the organizer of the exhibition is Tanya, who invited me and the Consul of Germany in the Philippines, MS Garcia. Tanya drove me to the hotel. The hotel is in the heart of historic Cebu — about. Yes, many names here are Spanish — influenced centuries of the colonial influence of Spain. At seventeen, already beginning to darken. After fifteen hours of flights, I was tired, but to waste precious time didn’t want to, besides I wanted to have, and I decided to walk to the nearest supermarket. When I was walking down the street, I was suddenly filled with fear and a strange feeling of»Why did I come here.». The stench is, poverty, people sleeping on the streets, understand the traders understand what is still stuffy and I quickened my pace. And the camera to get did not want. People at first glance seemed unfriendly. In supermarket bought fruit — mango, and green Mandarin, and water. And in the sector of fast food bought a plate of rice with unknown spicy mixture. While eating at the hotel on the wall crawled a small lizard. At nineteen I have slept like a log. The air conditioning was on all night to sleep without it. At five in the morning woke up. Still need to take some pictures. Decided to go on foot to the city’s largest market. This early — but the street is already full of people, a jeep carrying people to work. Walk to the market half an hour. Just in time for the dawn came. People are several thousands of darkness. Stories go directly to the market and carry people and goods. The market is huge — on the corner of the floral Department, then vegetables and fruits, meat, fish, cereals. Gradually began to change their opinion of the Filipinos — the friendly, smiling, getting photographed, but not Intrusive. It reminds me of the Uzbeks, just less clingy. Walked around the Fort — all that remains of the Spaniards. At eight we went to Church here no free space. Filipinos were very religious — zealous Catholics. The Church just like in Spain. Returned to the hotel just to change clothes and took a taxi and went to the forum. Russian-Philippine business forum held for the second time — in a huge new. Arrived at exactly thirteen — as invited. It turned out that Filipinos, like true southerners, there is a very bad trait — they are terrible punctuality. Spent about two hours wandering the floors of the center — first checked in, saw our photo exhibition, an exhibition of Philippine firms — scored a lot of tourist catalogues. Met with two Asian girls — they represented the Philippine tour. So just took, and moved to live in the Philippines — Boracay island and very happy