All meals live in the Philippines, where women are dying. Be on the level with men and I want to be weak, it is a matriarchy rushing at all. So the Philippines remains a Paradise for men) All relationships between people are ALWAYS, YOU to ME — I to YOU no matter what you substitute in there: money, love, power, prosperity etc. as soon As the fall one of the two you me or I you, and then it all falls apart. No matter with Filipina live or Martian. You looked for the ideal, and you found it — congratulations. Be more like you and your fiancee and problems on the planet would be much less. Good luck. I look at you and listen to your story, and in the frame this girl, you know that you it is said that she passed the necessary tests for lice. But she reminds me a woman from a remote Siberian villages attached to the husband-man whatever he was. This print nothing-stay in my life, I would have never approached. She humbly-idly Agree with You to understand what you are saying you need experience of life and understanding of people. Very interesting talk Thank you Really, we do — never thought about this topic. Relationship with our wives is considered a norm. However, it turns out -there is another world. Simply a Paradise. I’ve been divorced. Understand that respect there. Never could understand one thing, that we made for them: salary repairs leisure travel entertainment it’s not always so and always very bad, very well. Now I understand the origins of the manipulation of women: that little tantrums and so on and so forth. Thanks to the author. Plots are of interest. Beautiful girl. Impresses its character — the calm and the equinox. Happiness to you. someday, make a lot the money will go to where Paradise. They have a weak economy, for them, the uncle with some money is the manna from heaven, and the author deceives himself, is allegedly in the Philippines, there’s love if she had the opportunity she would have lived with more or less money Filipino. Here and so. Watch Asian bitches. You have a good replacement, soon you won’t need us. We are going to marry Japanese women, Taek, Filipino, Chinese etc etc And you tell us what is not need. why the Filipinos are white and healthy teeth, or is it a false impression and is the exception rather than the rule. it’s a good level of dentistry in the Philippines, or genetics. what is the secret. Tries to go to the Philippines. We have in the same villages not spoiled Asian civilization. And cute, not nigger monkeys. How you can travel and not spend any money. You can just watch how others do it and record it. 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